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The Depths of Solitude

The Depths of Solitude
A young heart with an old soul
How can there be peace?
How can I be in the depths of solitude
When there are two inside of me?
This duo in me causes the perfect opportunity
To learn and live twice as fast
As those who accept simplicity..

(By Tupac Shakur)

Sent by Schorpioentje

Time is on our side

do we learn the games we play,
do we learn to exploit?
in our ways of harmony,
we had better to avoid.

in freedom and in laughter,
in struggle and in tears;
we had better to be friends with one another,
will we overcome our fears.

the rhythm of the music,
deep inside we follow through;
strong desire of permissive;
we are learning the intuitive;
for we, myself and you.

will what we learn be long overdue?!
will we learn to be specific?
to be someone with perspective?

taking chances for our dances;
that's the game we should play.
in our freedom for renewal,
will we shine so bright as jewels;
and begin a brand new day.

thoroughly we know our destiny;
in our hearts become so invincibly;
for God's truth will guide us on our way.
If so, His strategy will overcome the tragedies;
that our laughter and our tears,
will end the misery for many millions of years.

subdue our emotions and our love will be so strong.
God's heart and our devotion will shine as gold;
we will belong.

Written by Michael C.M. Jepkes

I'm not supposed to love you

I'm not supposed to love you,
I'm not supposed to care.
I'm not supposed to live my life
wishing you were here.
I'm not supposed to wonder,
were you are and what you do.
I'm sorry but I can't help myself,
falling in love with you!!!!

Written by Nancy

Forever two forever one

Forever two forever one, that's our love that's the fun
Sleep tight but stay awake, come to me when you need a break
Shout at me when you feel sad, I'll shout back, but never get mad.
Hold my hand and I will squeeze, If you want to kiss me, I'll say please.
Our love is like it's supposed to be, always together you and me

Written by Nathalie Rozenveld

If love is blind

If love is blind

How come I can see your pretty eyes

If being in love is blind

How come I can‘t stop looking at you

Love‘s not blind

Love is caring

Love is tenderness

Love is like a bird

Feeling free

Love is simply

You and me

Written by Flynn


There's a distance that keeps my heart

From loving you

Distance in miles

Distance in age

Distance in feelings

But distance can never touch

The way I feel inside for you

I love you too much

Even if I'd ever dare to say

Those three words out loud

I would never know how

Still there are a million ways

To say I love you

I can't find the one

That explains enough

Written by Flynn

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