Love poems - p o em s of love 2


Never leave my side

When do you finally understand 
That you got my heart 
In your hands 
Baby, without you 
I feel so lonely 
Cause you’re for me The one and only 
So please make everything alright 
And promise me 
You will never leave my side 

Written by Jasmina

No more lies

Baby, look me in the eyes

And tell me the truth

No more lies

Who do you want forever

By your side

Do you want her

Or do you want me

With who are you going to be tonight

Are  you going to love her or me endlessly

You need to choose somehow

And not tomorrow

But right now !!!!!

Written by Jasmina

We're still apart

Is pain in my heart

Cause we’re still apart

You are there

And I am here

But I still love you

I swear

I love you more

Than words can describe

And I can’t live without you

By my side

I know you love me too

Cause honey, our love is true

No one can come between you and me

Cause we are meant 

For each other my baby

 Written by Jasmina

We will never be apart


When I marry you

I know you will always love me

That you will do anything

To make me happy

That you won’t cheat

That you will give me anything

I need

That you will be with no one else

But me

That I’m the only one u will see

That you will never break my heart

And we will never be apart

Written by Jasmina

You made me love myself

You made me love myself

And love somebody else

You have lighted up my world

And you made me a different girl

You did it with your love

Now you’re the only one 

I am dreaming off

First I only fight

Now I know that isn’t right

I saw those things

Because off you

And I hope

I make you a little happy too

But still I need to go undercover

Cause you’re my secretlover…

Written by Jasmina


don't love one
don't love two
but love the one
that loves you

from Jessie for Wouter

Sent by Jessie

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