Love poems - p o em s of love 17


love is Good,
Love is Smart,
love is always in your heart....

Sent by Rae Dawnn Dahmen

The closest I'll get loving you

can dream

I can hope

We can meet

But that 's the closest I ll ever get to

Loving you


I can come to see you

Maybe our hands touch without 

Meaning to

I can pray

But that's the closest I ll get to

Loving you


I can love

I can feel great

Maybe we can talk very good

But that's the closest I ll get to

Loving you


You may never know

Maybe you will

When somebody else

Not me, tells you

But that's the closest I ll get to

Loving you

Written by Flynn


If only the sky was green

And the grass was blue

Then I would ve been

Totally in love with you

I do have feelings for you

But not in the way you want me to

I care and you ll always be a friend

But I can't love you

Not the way you want me to

Though sometimes I wish I could

Cause I don't want to let you down

And I hat to see that look on your face

Because I do love you in so many ways

But not throw way you wish I would

And that's the whole truth

Written by Flynn

I'm not supposed to love you

I'm not supposed to love you,
I'm not supposed to care.
I'm not supposed to live my life
wishing you were here.
I'm not supposed to wonder,
were you are and what you do.
I'm sorry but I can't help myself,
falling in love with you!!!!

Written by Nancy

Forever two forever one

Forever two forever one, that's our love that's the fun
Sleep tight but stay awake, come to me when you need a break
Shout at me when you feel sad, I'll shout back, but never get mad.
Hold my hand and I will squeeze, If you want to kiss me, I'll say please.
Our love is like it's supposed to be, always together you and me

Written by Nathalie Rozenveld

If love is blind

If love is blind

How come I can see your pretty eyes

If being in love is blind

How come I can‘t stop looking at you

Love‘s not blind

Love is caring

Love is tenderness

Love is like a bird

Feeling free

Love is simply

You and me

Written by Flynn


There's a distance that keeps my heart

From loving you

Distance in miles

Distance in age

Distance in feelings

But distance can never touch

The way I feel inside for you

I love you too much

Even if I'd ever dare to say

Those three words out loud

I would never know how

Still there are a million ways

To say I love you

I can't find the one

That explains enough

Written by Flynn

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