Love poems - p o em s of love 16


Single track

we bought two one-way tickets
and boarded the train of love,
we left the gritty city
fore green hills and blue above.
But later there was a tunnel
and the driver forgot the lights
and when it was all over
I was alone in the clear daylight.

Now I wait by the ticket office
to board the train of love
and if I should be so lucky
I'll see green hills and bleu above.
then the lover who sits beside me
must try to understand that when
we reach the tunnel
I'll grip him by the hand.
so he cannot change his track,
so he cannot board another train
when sweet light turns black

Written by Denis


Say it's a form of heat that doesn't rise
But passes from one body to the next.
Say it flows trough you and then out
And back in again like a wave
Making a basic feeling inside you
That will slowly begin to take the shape
Of what you'll think you can describe as love !

(by Aaron Fagan)

Sent by Debbie vb

Who made my life complete

The last few months,
   pressure has taken all over me,
   the fun in life overshadowed
   through all the pressure:
   pressure at home,
   pressure at school,
   but mostly in my head.
   A flow of thoughts
   who floats like a filthy river trough my brains.

   As yet I got the time
   to build a dam who could stop the flow of thoughts,
   and fish the things out who are useful to me.
   A rest who has overpowers me,
   A rest who made my hart go beating slowly again,
   and run my breathing peaceful.
   A inner rest
   who made my life active again,
   and my love devoted.

   A much-needed rest
   who made my life complete.

Sent by Debbie vb

because you are someone special,

I send my love today,

for you are very wonderful in each and every way.

Written by Floke

I never stop loving you

Sometimes I think what must I do!!
I can't live without you.
Another day I think Why  can't  I stop loving you.
Because I don't know if you love me too!!
My love for you is stronger than words can say.
I live with you in my heart everyday.
But never I heard the special words from you.
That you say to me Baby I love you to.
Is it real that you don't love me,
Or are you afraid to say it to me!!
Baby please tell me what I must do!!
Because I never can't stop loving you

Written by Dorien

If love was a rose

If love was a rose
I'd water it everyday.
Never let the petals wilt
In perfect health they'll stay.
But a rose is just a rose,
Eventually it will die.
Can never live forever,
This fact I can't deny.
And love is just love,
It is nothing else.
An emotion from the heart
That can be painfully felt.
So many times
I'd like to deny,
How love has always
made me cry.
And all those times
My heart has ached
Always on the verge
Of wanting to break.
But it always recovered
Because you were there
Someone who has always
Shown that they cared.
I heard your voice
Among the pain.
It murmured softly
In sweet refrain.
They were comforting words
From where, I did not know.
They floated through my head
Their meaning, they did not show.
So in the end
I opened my eyes.
And there I saw my side

Sent by Lollytjuh

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