Love poems - p o em s of love 15


I love you

I love you
I'm sorry if I do
I love you
and that is true

Sent by Den Hein

I dream of you

I dream of you day and night,
'cause being with you feels just so right.
I dream of you as being my beloved wife,
'cause you're the most precious thing in all my life.

I dream of you, angel from above,
'cause you are my one and only love.
I dream of you, every second of the day,
'cause I long to you in each and every way.

I dream of you walking by my side,
moments that make me so incredible pride.
I dream of you and me singing our favorite song,
moments I realize this love's so strong.

I dream of you and dream these dreams will stay,
'cause every time I see you, you make my day!
I dream of a life being forever with you,
so I can just show you how much I love you!!!!

Written by Frans

Love of my life

you're the love of my life
I want you 2 b my wife
cuz of you I know God is there
I want 2 follow ya e'rywhere
I'll always have a place 4 ya in my heart
nothin' can keep us apart
this luv that I have 4 you
is so real, itz gotta b true

dedicated 2 all tha loved onez in my life
but especially to AZ ya know who ya r

Written by Scientific

You are the reason

You are the reason I believe in true love.
You are the reason I believe that two people created especially for each other.
You are the reason I believe god hears and answers the deepest prayers of my heart!

Written by SC


Forever you will be in my heart.
Forever, I knew that from the start.

Forever I will love you.
Forever, ´cause this love was so true.

Forever you will be in my dreams.
Forever, do you know what that means?

Forever there will be sorrow in my heart.
Forever, ´cause forever we will be apart.

Forever you will see a tear in my eye.
Forever, ´cause this love will never die.

Forever I will be thinking of you.
Forever, for this dream will never come true.

Forever you'll be a part of me.
Forever, ´cause you are the one and only for me.

Forever this heart will beat for you.
And when it stops Forever, my final dream will come through.

Then I'll be forever with you my dear.
Forever I'll be near.....

Written by Frans

I Love you

You're all that I desired,
You made my dreams come true.

My love for you will never be expired,
That's why I say: I love YOU

Sent by Racertje


remember the m
remember the e
put them together en
remember ME

Sent by Chatgirl

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