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What is love ?

What is Love

Do you remember those days
long and stretched out
as a silver river

The world was empty
existed only for us

Far away in the sea
a lonely sail told of people

Then your hands became soft
as a fire hot wind
whipping the waters of a flooding tide

The sun glowed as burnished bronze
and the sound in my head
was the hammer of the forge

Around our bodies the pounding of the surf
held the rhythm from African drums

The call of the wind was a howling banshee
to the point where the darkness fell
covering the land in velvet softness

Earth Moon Stars now moving free
Just you and I and eternity

copywrite Lila Joseph

Sent by Wandelaar


I got love in my hands
and love in my heart

love is a beautiful thing
that sometimes to quick ends

when you are in love
you have butterfly's

you have lights in your eyes
full of happiness

our body is a precious thing
treat it with care treat as it bare

together we will find the sunshine

Written by Red Angel

I remember

I remember the days we're together it to short,
it was the fantastic days of my life,
Never forget the day I met you for first time,
It was the first time and the last time that we was together and love each other,
I wanna say to you that it was a wonderful time, it was short but is was great,
Never had so much love for somebody,
I hope you never forget me, but I no I NEVER forget YOU!!

Written by Ladyboo


love me,
say that you love me...

need me,
say that you need me...

kiss me,
but don't say a thing

Written by Anneke

Starry Night

When you look through your window
and wonder why.
And you see a falling star up in the sky.
Make a wish.
Trust me it will come true.
Because I did
and I found you....

Written by Shanty

I know It's Worthed

I Know It's Worthed

You make me fly, into the sky, never felt that high
Your sweet words, your so much saying dark eyes
Baby I'm pretty  sure it's  you I need by my side

Upside down, you turn me round and round,
Just listening to your voice, that heavenly sound
I'm grateful to God, it is you I have  found

Because of you, a strange feeling down my spine
When I think about your appearance so divine
I know it's worthed  to wait till you're forever mine

Written by Carmela

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