Love poems - p o em s of love 22


Wonderful things

Just come a little closer
Kiss me and hold me tender
And somehow you'll feel a sparkle from inside
And you won't find the words that say it all
But have no fear
Body can say some wonderful things itself.

Written by Lil-Lilian

Thank you, Angel

My Angel,
The day you came into my life, was so special to me
That now on this moment, I want the whole world to see:
I can't live without your love
For that I'm thankful to the One above
He gave me what I need
So now I can proof to everybody our love is more then just the heath!
For you I would give up everything, so please understand
That I'll never ever let you slip out of my hands!
All these words are coming from the heart
And I already knew from the start
That you and me together
Everyday is going to be better
All the time that people see us shine
I'm so proud to tell them that you are mine!
Thank you...

Written by R. Sousa


When we were sitting in a three,
and I'm having you with me,
I wished the three was so high,
that we couldn't say goodbye..
and stay in love forever...

Written by Tompie

My light

The first time ever I realized I had a heart...
was the time I lost my heart to you...
it wasn't that wrong..just fun for loving you...
but it doesn't last that long...

Now I'm sitting here with all my love for you
Thinking of a kiss I've never had
Thinking of a hug I've never had
Thinking of a girl I'll never have again..

At the background I see your light still glowing..
laughing at my heart..making me happy..
but I desperately need a new light..
one that shines likes the sun
gave straight to my heart
like the sun to our earth..

SO if you think you wanna be my light..
use all your power en make my way to you clear..
and I will love you..

Written by Tompie


I'm looking for the love of my life,
then I can be his wife.
I'll try to give him everything,
I'll try to treat him as my king.
I won't be his slave,
but I'll try to be brave,
when he's in need,
and almost can't stay on his feet.
I'll help him anyway I can.
Yes, I will do this for my man.
And if he does this also for me,
then I think we are ment to be

Written by Saartje

Trying to find the words

I'm trying to find the words to say
All the things I ever felt about you.
I'm trying to find the words to say
How much you really mean to me.
I'm trying to find the words to say
How much I care for you
I'm trying to find the words to say
The things you can't describe with words
I'm trying to find the words to say
I love you!

Written by Svenne

A shy look

A shy look
in your direction
A modest smile
for a little affection
You're so close
and yet so far away
I whisper those words
I dream every day
and I wish you would say
'I love you, please stay'
But that's a dream
And I go away
you make me laugh
you make me cry
you let me live
you let me die

Written by Rogue

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