Love poems - p o em s of love 19


When the sun shone through

Bad luck has passed me by several times
My life was cloudy until I had the chance to meet you
and meeting you turned out to be a whole new experience
overwhelming me with your ray of sunshine.

You gave me such a sweet friendship,
one that I won't forget and never will abuse.
The feeling that we share has taken us one step further,
from just friends to best friends forever.

A rose for each day, together with a poem,
will brighten up your day
your smile, appearing after reading this
gives me such a delight, and I thank your for that

Once again my love for you has found a way through a lovely poem to get to you
a poem that's right for us
This friendship will never end
No one can ever stop us from being this close

I will always remind you of the day that your sunbeam came shining through my clouds.
so warm and tender like you are
You have changed my life completely

With much love
a friend 

Written by Marcel

For Chantal

A glimmer in your eyes is enough for me to know,
that our friendship is about to grow.
As soon as I fall into your arms,
I will be surrender by your charms.
Your love for me has giving me wings to fly,
fly to another place, high into the sky.
Let me take you on a journey, so superb,
that far away so that no one will disturb.
Let your heart play another beat..
Without all this love you give, my life was incomplete.
A smile for me, a cry on my shoulder, then I would say
I will be there for you, in any possible way.
Every pain you had before, what you had to endure,
you must know, that I will be here to make secure,
that love is coming to you, so please enjoy,
together with me, but most of all, with Roy.
You deserve the best, and nothing less,
we will make this friendship happen, with success.
You're too good to be true,
from the first moment on I knew, that I loved you.
A kiss, a hug, a smile each day,
and I know this might sound cliché.
But it's the truth, each word I've said,
We mustn't get separated, being together instead.
Forever and ever, I'll be your friend!!!
In every way and every day, every hour and every minute!!!
you will never walk alone, I'm always by your side.
Once again I say with love, that I will love you for eternity!

Written by Marcel


I'm looking for the love of my life,
then I can be his wife.
I'll try to give him everything,
I'll try to treat him as my king.
I won't be his slave,
but I'll try to be brave,
when he's in need,
and almost can't stay on his feet.
I'll help him anyway I can.
Yes, I will do this for my man.
And if he does this also for me,
then I think we are ment to be

Written by Saartje

Trying to find the words

I'm trying to find the words to say
All the things I ever felt about you.
I'm trying to find the words to say
How much you really mean to me.
I'm trying to find the words to say
How much I care for you
I'm trying to find the words to say
The things you can't describe with words
I'm trying to find the words to say
I love you!

Written by Svenne

A shy look

A shy look
in your direction
A modest smile
for a little affection
You're so close
and yet so far away
I whisper those words
I dream every day
and I wish you would say
'I love you, please stay'
But that's a dream
And I go away
you make me laugh
you make me cry
you let me live
you let me die

Written by Rogue

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