Love poems - p o em s of love 9


My love

...You dont't deserve my love
..But I keep sending all of it
..You hurt me so my love
..But I keep coming back for it
..You took away your love
..But I still crave a piece of it
..So won't you give me back your love, my love
..`Cause I will keep longing for it

Sent by Sabrina

Wishing on a star

I gaze up at the sky each night
And find the brightest star
It's always waiting there for me
So close, but yet so far ...

The star winks in the evening sky
And reaches out to me
It magically appears each night
For all the world to see ..

I've wished upon this special star
My whole life through, it seems
I've closed my eyes and made my wish
Of hopes, and plans, and dreams

And then, one day I got my wish
For I finally met you
You are that someone special
Who's made all my dreams come true ..

So now whenever we're apart
I find that same bright star
It makes me feel so close to you
No matter where you are ...

Written by Sarah

Full Moon

I'm looking for something tonight,
while I'm guided by the light.
Without a goal, without a real thought,
only looking what love has brought.
The road I'm walking is long and strange,
but that is something I cannot change.
While walking around, watching the full moon,
I realise that life goes too soon.
And where I'm going I have no clue.
I only know that light is coming from you...

Written by KieWietJe

Angel of the heart

Angel of the heart..
My heart is filled with you, I've never in my life saw an angel so wonderful and beautiful as you.
And now after I have seen you, I know angels are real and exist in this world.
I want to hold you and say so many loving words to you,
that I wanna be with you..
you're truly an angel of my heart

Sent by Marlies

Secret love

Every night I dream of your eyes.
Every night I dream of your smile.
Every night I dream of your lips kissing mine.
I know it is a dream, but I hope someday it will come true.
But till that day there is no way I can share my dream with you.

I have to be patient, I think you love me.
Because when we're together there is this amazing chemistry.
It give's me butterflies in my stomach and weakens my both knees.
Baby I'll wait forever to be with you, can you wait for me, please?

Written by Lover Nona

Different ways to love

When I think of you
There's a smile on my face
I love you
In more than two different ways
When I feel lonely
You will stand by my side
I trust you with all my heart
There's nothing left for me to hide
When I feel sad
You're the one that makes me smile
You're always there to help me
And that's what makes it all worthwhile...

Written by Shorty

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