Love poems - p o em s of love 21


Love 4 you

There are no words
to express what I feel for you
There are no songs
as beautiful as the music
that fills my soul
when I hear your voice
There are no roses
as lovely as your smile
There are no days
brighter than the days
I spend with you
Nothing moves me
like you do
You are my light
in the darkness
And there could never be words
strong enough to express
my love for you

Sent by Schorpioentje

You have something of mine

You have something of mine
I'll bet you don't know what
I'll let you know sometime
You'll have to guess a lot

It isn't gold or silver
It isn't wealth or fame
I gave it to you willingly
I've only myself to blame

You have something of mine
Even when we're far apart
I hope you keep it always

Written by Poezewoeke


you are like the sun
that keeps me warm when I am cold
you are like a rainbow
who brings color in my life
you are like the wind
who whispers sweet words in my ear
you are like the rain
who washes away my problems
you are like the moon
who gives me light at night
you are like a star
that shines always
forever only for me
deep within my heart

Written by InspirationGirl

Just like the sun

Hey baby, let's speak about silver and gold tonight
Let's talk about our feelings and dreams
Together under the moonlight
You are my star so let me hold you tight
Please don't be shy
I want to show you why you are a special guy
When you are not next to me
I just can't let it be a beautiful day
And the sky looks so dark and gray
So come and bring some bright light to my life,
just like the sun
We have only just begun

Written by Anita

A true love

Love is like a lump of gold,
Hard to get hard to hold,
Of all the other guys I've ever met your the one I can't forget.

I do believe that god above,
Created you for me to love.
He choose you from all the rest, because he know I would love you the best.

voor Nicky Boelhouwers

Written by Ecehan

My eternal love Fredo

Thoughts of you are consuming my mind
The answers I try to find
I keep asking myself where has your love gone
You left me here on my own
There is a part of me that's dying
I just can't stop denying
I want to drawn into your eyes
I don't care about the sacrifice
I want to feel your touch
The one that ignites me so much
I want to feel your warm embrace
It would be a feeling falling from grace
I still feel your kisses burning
Listen how much my body is yearning
Sweet memories of you and me
Tell me do you remember how we used to be
We touched the sky above
Because we were so madly in love
Well you have shown me how it feels
To give away the best of me
And you know what, you even kept the key
Forever and one day
Me your tiger

Written by Nancy

My groing love for you

Something is groing inside of me
It started very little and light

Like a little butterfly
Who want's to break out

Now several month's later
It is still groing stronger by the day

It's a feeling hard to describe
It's making me feel reborn again

It make's me as woman complete
To be with you so near

What's groing so deep inside of me
No!!!Not a baby

But my unconditional love for you
My dear beloved friend

Written by Chrisje

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