Love poems - p o em s of love 5


Like a little flame

I feel something in my heart, It's like a little flame
Every time I see you, this flame lights up, The flame is specially for you.
Because I love you

Sent by Karentje

I'm falling in love

When I first say you,†
I was scared to talk to you.
When I first talked to you,
I was scared to kiss you.
When I first kissed you,†
I was scared to love.
Now that I love you ,
I'm scared to LOSE you

Sent by Vince V. for L.

I know you know I love you

I know you know I love you, I know you do,
how that I know ?
because I know someone told you.
you've called me once. but that was it.
you asked why I didn't call you back.
I had a reason.
I just want you to call me without you letting me know me you're gonna call.
I want you to call me,
for no reason at all.
just to ask me how doing,
ask me how I feel today.
ask me if I'm free,
this Saturday.
I pray every night, for a call from you.
just to ask me how I'm doing, I'd really like you too.
cause I can't call you, even though I'd really like to.
I know you know I love you.
I know you do.
So do a little more about it, then you already have done.
Cause I love you so much.
I want to feel your touch.
I want to see you every second of every day.
And it's so hard for me to say,
That I love you this way.
But I know I love you,
I know you do,
I know someone told you.
I even know who.
So just let me know.
Ore let me show.
If you love me the way I do.
I really don't know,
So please let it show.
Cause I love you so.
An I will never, ever, ever, let you go.
I cant take it anymore,
I've never felt this way about someone before !
every second without you, is a second of hurt and pain.
sometimes. it makes me feel like I'm gonna go insane !
a second without you takes for ever !
I've never felt this way about someone before. no. never !
my feelings for you keep gaining every day !
the only thing that feels good is when I'm with you, you really should believe what I say !
I know you know I love you, I know you do, I just wish that you would feel about me, the way that I feel about you.
I know you like me, but I don't know if you love me, I really don't
I'd really like you to show me how you feel, so I could know where I stand right now.
I just want you to be earnest with me.
you'll see.
everything will work out.
it could be that I get hurt. it could be not.
I really hope not.
but I'll see,
just tell me how you feel, and be earnest with me.

Written by Chilly*E

Spirit Fragments

Shattered fragments dance under trees,
fly up high and tumble down the breeze.
An evening red sun, glows up at the end
and shows a twirling crowd that went.
A mosquito spirit dance it seems,
with so many changing themes.

As lavender scents touch my nose,
from purple fields, I then compose
a new song and fresh thoughts rise
and eyes see the past a vision wise.

I sing my song my love to you
my dear for you my song of love!
I touch your soul with love so sweet
as dew, like drops on leaves of trees!
I long for words from you my dear,
to read your soul on paper free.

Written by Victor van der Daelen

Said to be in a rose

All the love that history knows,
is said to be in a rose,
yet all that could be found in two,
is less than what I feel for you!

Semt by Heintje

Can't deny my feelings

I canít deny my feelings anymore 

I canít hide how I feel inside 

Youíre the one I life for 

And I canít life without you 

By my side 

I tell no one how I feel 

No one knows, youíre in my heart 

But I know our love is real 

Even weíre apart

Written by Jasmina


Your eyes how the look at me
Your lips how the kiss me
Your hands how the touch me
And the feeling that you gave me
It's making me crazy

Written by Veronique

I am......

I see your face when I am dreaming
That's why I wake up always......Screaming!†
I love your smile,†
I love your face....†
and I love your eyes..†

Written by Sandra R.

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