Love poems - p o em s of love 12


If you

If you ever leave me
Will you take
me with you
Ore will you go
Without something
to say
Then I know
For shure
The memory's
will forever
And flashes
One my mind
Will be
The memory's
Of ones
You in my

Written by Venus3501

Unbreakable love

When the night is darkest
And everyone is sleeping
I lay awake
Thinking of how I love you so
Wondering what it is about you
That makes me want, love, and need you so
Then I silently laugh at myself
Knowing this list could go on forever
Its how I have no worries
When you're with me
How when you smile
My heart skips a beat
Its how when I'm with you
Nothing else matters
It's how I can say
"I love you" without hesitation
It's the way you make me feel
So safe and at home
It's how I'm incomplete
Without you
It's the way you look at me
With a gaze so kind and sincere
It's the way you embrace me
With arms so gentle and strong
It's the way your kiss
Is so meaningful, so passionate
It's the way my world
Revolves around you
Its how when you laugh
You sound so sweet
Its how when you talk
Time stands still
Its how when I'm down
The thought of you cheers me up
Its how when you're down
I try to make you laugh
It's the way you took my heart
Which I gave willingly
It's the way I'm ready
To give up everything for you
It's how you're irresistibly sweet
In every way
It's how I would be lost
Without you
It's how I can't wait
To say "I do"
Its how id rather be with you in hell
Than be without you in heaven
It's how I could go on forever
Saying why I love you so
It's just the way I love you
With a love so true, so pure, so real

Written by Martinsangelita


When I close my eyes
I see your smile,
It remembers me of a time
When you kissed me while,
You hold me close
Your body against mine,
Your lips so soft
It felt so fine.

When I open my eyes
The feeling is still there,
It slowly fades away
And it comes back when you are near,
This feeling is very special
It belongs to you and me,
This is the feeling which I call love
we share it with eachother, as it should be

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**

Single part

Passion and lightning
Fire and ice

Thunder and storm
Within you're eyes

A heart whitout
No love

Is tearing
every soal

To bleed

And walks one
to see

If there is
someone new

For his need

Till the love
Of god

Comes in his heart

And heels every
single part

Written by Venus3501

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