Love poems - p o em s of love 6



If I had to choose between u and my life
I would choose my life!
You would be upset and run away
not knowing

Sent by SugarKittie178

When I die

When I die tomorrow
tell to the trees
how much I loved you.
Tell it to the wind
who climbs in the trees
and falls out the leaves,
how much I loved you

Tell it to a child
that's still young enough to understand.
Tell it to an animal,
maybe just by looking in it's eyes.
Tell it to the houses of stone,
tell it to the city,
how much I loved you.

But don't tell it to a human being
He wouldn't believe you.
He wouldn't want to believe that
only a man only a woman,
that a human loved another human
like I loved you.

Written by Mahigan Shkiizhig


When you hold me close like this
So many thoughts of memories fill
my mind
The first time we kissed
The times we nearly said good-bye
But still here we are
tested and still true
And stronger then we ever knew

Written by Lins

Someone, somewhere

Dreams of your smile
And while thinking of you
Thinks that life worthwhile
So whenever you lonely
Remember its true
Is thinking of you

Sent by Shannon

Your smile

Your smile was set me free 

Now youíre always on my mind 

And you also love me 


I think about you 

Day and night 

In my mind is one big scream 

So I will always see your smile 

When I am sleeping 

Or when Iím just awake

Written by Jasmina

I miss you

I loved you like a father who loves his son.
I needed you like a plant needs water.
I wanted you like a homeless person wants a house to†live in.
I loved you like I never loved someone before...
I miss you ...

Written by Jessie

You're my angel

you are my angel,
that fly's trough the night,
you are my sunshine,
my daylight,
you are my only true love for ever,
and if you would ever leave me,
I know I won't make it trough the night,
with three words,
only three words,
I want to prove my love to you,
and that three words are;

Written by Chilly*E

My everything

Just a matter of time embrace me.
You're my light in the dark.
Could you be here or could you not be.
You're my EVERYTHING...

Sent by Little Schanulekke

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