Love poems - p o em s of love 14


I will love you until....

...the stars stop falling,
the sun stops shining,
the moon stops glowing,
the birds stop singing in the sky.
All I want you to know is that
no matter what you do, I will
never ever stop loving you!

Written by Sweet Miss Angel Debby

I didn't believe in heaven

I didn't believe in heaven but now I do,
Because if heaven doesn't exist.. can there be an angel like you?

Sent by Christian

You have my heart My soul My body You have my smile My trust My love You have me

Sent by Carllitos

Love is crazy

 Love is cool 

Love is wonderful just like you

Sent by Carllitos

Don't love one, 

Don't love two, 

but love the one, that loves you

Sent by Carllitos

What is it with love ?


Somewhere on the way something went wrong,

I fell in love whit you, Iím so insecure.

I donít know what to do


The last time I fell this for someone,

He broke my hard in many pieces,

All I have to offer is a shattered heart


I didnít ask for this

It just happened, I didnít want to fall in love

Iím not ready yet, Iím stile hurt

But most off all am scared


At first I dine, 

Than a listened to my heart

I couldnít dine my love for you

It is growing each day stronger


There most be something about you

That makes me love you

I looked for every reason not to love you

But the werenít as strong

As the reasons why I fell in love with you

Written by Linda Hurks

He gave me you

I asked god...
I asks him for a flower
and he gave me a garden,
I asked him for a tree
and he gave me a forest,
I asked him for a glass of water
and he gave me an ocean,
I asked him for the best friend
in the world, and he gave me YOU!!!

Written by Unknown

My everything

Hey there I love ya.
Did you know that?
I love you with whole my heart.
My soul belongs to you and will forever be yours.
There's no day that passes by that I don't think of you.
You mean the world to me.
I don't ever want to lose you.
You are my everything

Written by Carllitos

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