Love poems - p o em s of love 27



I didn't know what to say
I didn't know what to do
But once I'm gonna show
How much I love you

Love, Spiritgirl

Sent by Spiritgirl

Rise and fall

You said you loved me
Why did you lie?
You said you need' me
Bud you didn't try
To forgave me
So the tables are turned?
First love second hate
First needing me then walk out of me
Im sorry bud people make mistakes
I said a million times im sorry
Bud that's not enough
I can't turn the time
So call me if you need me
So call me if you found our key
So call me if you see
That im changed
All i want is you
So you forgave me
I call it rise and fall

Written by Sjanna


feel the touch of your hand
And I understand how much I need your love
You have given me wings
And I can do things I've never dreamed of
And I promise for as long as we're together
I will cherish this everlasting love
Oh baby I need you so
You know that I can't let go
Always and forever I just want you to know
I wanna be where you are
No matter how near or far
And I wanna be the only one
Who can open the door to your heart

Written by Sjanna

Be careful

If you love me
like you told me
please be careful
with my heart...
You can take it
just don't break it
or my world will fall apart.

Written by Ingetje

Voor mijn Thomasje

I hope that now you understand:
I will love you 'till the end!
Cause you aren't just my boy...
You're also my best friend!

You're the one who makes me smile,
who makes me forget the bad times for a while.
You're the one to who I can say:
I LOVE YOU in every single way!!

Sent by Joline'tje


Love doesn't have any intentions...
It doesn't ask why...
It just IS...
A feeling so pure and strong, you just can't ignore it...
The most wonderfull feeling that exists in our human life...
To treasure and to hold...
For ever and ever...
It makes us feel special and gives meaning to our tiny existance...

Written by Wendyke


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