Love poems - p o em s of love 11



Just sleep under the yellow moon.
Connected by love, not in any way to soon.
I can't describe my love in words.
You don't know how much that hurts.

You are the face, blown away forever.
In a strong way perfect, In a perfect way clever
Strong men, independence like me.
You, you, us and thee.

Frozen lips, discovering my face.
Your face against mine, light in a daze.
Look at the sky, painted by stars.
Accepting each other, don't want any scars.

Love, just one of you.
Love, it is what we make and do...
Love, just one of me.
Love, we're together, just let it be.

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**


All the colors
In the world

Can not compare

The way that
You and I share

Hold you're
head to my heart

And you will
here things as

Wild as the wind
And strong

As a storm

You melt my heart
each day more

You're kisses
are sweet and warm

like al the colors
Of the rainbow

Each day is a suprice

When I take a look
In you're eyes

My heart is like
A drum

I love you
My everlasting

Written by Venus3501

Heaven is with you

Raindrops fall, softly and wet
Tired though unable to sleep
I think about our precious moments
and everything I'll never forget

Tomorrow is an other day
As the unpredictable beauty
of life graciously makes her way

Finally ready to put my soul to rest..
Seeking dreams have found me
and let me close my eyes..
at last

Written by Divaliciousz

Love you my friend

I always think of you
You can't get out of my heart
I've tried so hard to do that
But you're still haunting in my thoughts
Whatever you did or said
When we have a row or not
I still love you
But the time is changing
There'll be a time
That we're not friends anymore
Than I think back
Back on you
And remember our friendship
I'll never forget that

Written by Michella J.


The stars are driving over
The wind blows them with the flow
The end and destination is paradise
And the beginning is unknown

The lighthouse illuminates the sky
And illuminates also you and me
You crawl and try to follow the stars
To make it "we" and go to "meant to be"

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**

Made for each other

His naked body in her arms
She's vulnerable
But he cares for her
Their lifes are miserable
Not by this moment
He sees her pearly eyes
It's what he's dreamt of
She's somewhere else
In the clouds above
Then they leave the world behind them
And go far, far away
It doesn't bother
Just the two of them
Made for each other

Written by N.K.

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