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Boy please listen to the things I gotta say...
you know I love you in every way
you know I wanna be with you so bad,
but why is it that when I'm with you I'm always sad?
I know I'm supposed to be strong
how can I...
if you say that everything I do is wrong?
why don't you trust me?...
why can't you see
boy, without you I can't be
baby if it's gonna be like this
I can't go on
so if you keep treating me this way
I'm gone...
I just wanna say with this words
the way you treat me HURTS...!!!

Written by Dutske

Painful Goodbye

Hush now, don't say a word
Unspoken thoughts, I've already heard
Time has passed and the distance is great
We can't recover tracks it's too late
Our love will forever be bonded in time
In a beautiful child, both yours and mine
Who could of known just how it would end
I still love you and will miss you my friend
This pain is great and hard to hide...
Yet through all the memories, I'll say Goodbye.

Written by Audrey


I ponder my thoughts, here as I sit
Basking in the sun, here on the deck
My thoughts drift in and out like the tides
Playing out memories throughout my life
Like a movie, I see them so clear
Despite the dust added over the years
I have felt sunshine, I have felt rain
Conquered storms, yet the scars remain
I have lost Loved ones along the way
Though, I carry them in my heart everyday
Wounds were healed by a lover's touch
Wonderful man in my life, how I love him so much
Precious moments remembered carrying my son
A new part of life has just begun
What the future holds, I do not know
I embrace this life wherever it goes

Written by Audrey

It hurts so bad

me girl in the mask
performing my role accomplishing my task
I strive for things that are useless and vain
but deep inside I'm filled with pain

She gives me self-confidence and I wear it with pride
she protects me with shelter, a safe place to hide

wherever I go, she's always so near protecting me at all costs, she has no fear

Trying to feel what it was, like feelings you can't even remember, holding someone close, loving him tender

A long time ago, I let her in, and she became part of me like al second layer of skin.

And yet so painful but also superior to me
I'm much more than the girl I thought that I ever could be
she knows now weakness and offers no surrender, holds her values high to any offender
But what is the price for the armour I wear...

The vibe the terror and the pain is driving my so bad damn insane, I scream scream scream, nobody hears me...
Love me...

Written by L.C.

A crush on you

But I can't make you love me
Is it my life or the things I do?
Can't make you love me
I'm just a girl with a crush on you

Sent by Lian

You and me

you were there
I was here
we were friends

you're still there
and I'm still here
but I don't know what we are

Written by Svenne

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