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Too lost in you

I don't know where to begin.
My life is so complicated.
It feels like I'm drowning...
Drowning in my own tears

All because my love
for you is just a
waste of time...
It's useless.

It's easy to love you
but impossible to forget you.
Every thought of you
brightens up my day

I thought it was easy
to win your heart.
But it remains a dream.

Every day I get up
I start a fight against
my love for you.
But I'm too weak to win...

I'm lost, lost in my own feelings.
I don't know where to go.
But trust me, I will find my way.
With or without you...

Sent by Lotje


Pain is the greatest, yet worst, thing that scar's my life.
All those suffer and hate.I can't stand it anymore...
Miseries.people dying.people get hurt.
Is this what God mend with life?
And still.there is one question spinning in my head.
Why me?
Why can't I be happy?
It seems that this question will drown in my river of pain,
deep inside my head.
A question that will never be answered.

Written by Tears_out_of_heaven

Broken heart

Quit playing games with my heart,
because slowly i'm falling apart.
Just be honest and say you don't love me,
i'm feeling so much pain, can't you see.
I love you so very much,
and I miss your kiss, your touch.
Can't you see I miss al of you,
but I have to see that we're through.
It's hard for me to believe,
but there is nog more love left to receive.
I hope some day i'll be okay,
for now I think it's better this way.

Written by Sweet Scorpio


Why is it so hard 4 you to understand,
I don't want to be with you anymore,
You gave me only your hand,
You didn't give yourself and I demand war,

You betrayed me and I am falling apart,
You said you loved me but you hated me,
You weren't longer my guard,
Being my enemy is what you wanted to be,

While I was crying the pain hurt every time again like hell,
It didn't stop, it was your way of loving someone,
How come you don't know, tears are what you sell,
Don't you understand the damage you have done,

I still love you, I don't know why,
First I was afraid to stand up and tell you how I felt,
Now I am afraid, I don't know anymore if I'm still standing high,
I shiver when I think about how you yelled,

But I still long for your touch,
And as I'm imagining,
I still love you very much,
From your love I could sing,

I think it's wrong,
Desiring a man that once wounded my body and soul,
But I've been with you 4 so long,
I don't want to speak, everyday you desperate call,

I don't understand why, you first desert me,
And then you only want to be with me, it's the,
Question why, I am so depressive and still love you,
It doesn't make sense, Oh why, why, why, why do I still want you?

Why, why, why, why, why, I keep thinking,
I realize, in your love I'm sinking.

Written by Charley

Can't go to sleep

At night, I lay cozy in my warm bed,
With my hands behind my head.
I have a wish I hope comes true, and I think it might.
To have you beside me in my bed at night.
Going to sleep I try.
I can't and know why.
Relax and imagine holding you until you are next to me, it does seem.
I fall asleep knowing I'll be with you in tonight's dream.

Written by Siva

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