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My death

Another disillusioned day has past,
how long will this last?
I think soon, the devil has a new task,
he will control me and make me blast
I'll shoot myself with my gun,
with my face towards the sun
this voice inside telling me I'll never have a son
and the only thing I wanna do is run
run away from the pain
but its bound with me like I chain
my life is similar like the rain
so many tears that I shed
I wanna sleep and never get of my bed
cuz I don't want to feel sad
oh I wished someone could make me glad
but no there is just more pain instead
my dreams vanishing in thin air
I'm slipping away and I don't care
oh god this isn't faire
my eyes closing feeling the wind in my hair
my heart deserves better
 I'll never get what I deserve
cuz god you cant change what you wrote in that letter.
my last image in my head
is when I saw her and turned red
I will always love her

now I'm falling on the floor
hoping the lord guides me to heavens door
I hope you won't keep me lying on the floor
here I come lord your angel, don't close the door!

Written by Domenico G.

You and me

Can't even remember when I took my last cigarette
So I'll smoke another one
Everyone is trying to tell me something
But I don't here them
My head is with you
Far, far away.

Have I been too hard on you?
I can't remember
Are you mad at me?
I can't say
All I want is you to call me
To let me know you're doing okay.

I hear your voice in my head, over and over again
Disappointed, and a little surprised
Can you really blame me?
Then why am I feeling guilty?

You act like you can't trust me
Although you know you can
Am I really your friend?
Or do you see me just like some girl?
I know how I see you
Like someone who means so much to me.

I hear your voice in my head, over and over again
Disappointed, and a little surprised
Can you really blame me?
Then why am I feeling guilty?

I wish I knew how to reach your mind
I wish I knew how to tell you I'm sorry
You are my whole world
Nothing compares to you
If I could, I would leave with you
To a place where we are the only two to exist

I hear your voice in my head
Disappointed, and a little surprised
I've been sick about your acting
Let me know how you really are

And still you're everything to me

Written by Confused

I'll be there

I used to think it was over
Our friendship and my love
But I forgot the cuteness of your smile
The way you make me laugh
The color of your eyes
And the smell of your hair
But now I remember
I guess I'll never get you out of my head
The way we talked
Without any tension
Just so relaxed
I forgot how I loved you
I thought it was over
But now I know it isn't
Maybe you're the one
Who knows
Maybe you're going to hurt me again
I guess I'll just have to wait and see
For now I want to be with you
I want to love you
I want you to make me smile again
I want to keep feeling the butterfly's inside of me
Maybe it's just for a while
But it's worth it
Some time ago
I told myself to forget you
But I simply can't
I just have to see your smile
Or your eyes
Then I'm sold
All handed over to your heart
And you'll stay forever in mine
Baby, I want to kiss your lips
Hold you in my arms
My dream comes true
The dream of you and me
The way it was today
So calm, so relaxed
That's the way I want to keep you in my heart
Not the way it used to be
The silences in our conversations
The way you acted to me
So attached
You've hurt me so bad with that
But the doubt ness left my heart today
You're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with
Maybe that's the way you feel it too
And if not..
I'll be the one where you can cry with
The one who will listen to your sorrows
So, please,
If I'm not the one for you
Then let me be your friend
An important person in your life
I don't want to forget you
Live my life without you
You're the one I really care for
Not just a crush
You have whole my heart
You can do with it whatever you want
But please, don't hurt me
Because I do care for you
Let me know if you need me
I'll be there
No matter what

Written by Confused

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