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Unanswered love

Loneliness is tearing me apart.
How can I find a way to your heart?
I want your body close to mine.
Now, tomorrow and 'till the end of time.
Let me surround you with all my love.
It's all I have been thinking of.
I want you in my life.
But if I lose you, it will cut me like a knife.
I don't want to play a role.
I just want to give you my soul.

Written by Cowboyke

My love

I saw you walking in the street
I talked to you because you are so cute
I needed you , you are so special
I loved you because I thought you loved me!!
Now I hate you , because I saw you walking in the street with an another girl!!

Written by Chihuahua

Have no fear, I'm near

When you feel all alone inside your heart,
don't be scared to fall apart.
Think of precious times when you have no fear,
in these moments I'll be always near.
Even though not physically,
sure I'll be there for you mentally.
Like a guardian angel following you,
I wanna protect you in anything you do.
As time flies by I'll always be around,
even when you're nowhere to be found.
Deep in your soul there's no dying light,
but a strong being prepared to fight.
Think of me when you feel so blue,
'cause then I'd run to you.
Wanting to hug you and give you all of me,
that's what I'm gonna do if that's supposed to be.
No need to say 'I love you' anymore,
that's something you already know from before.
Only when we die there'll be our goodbye,
and if you know me, you know that ain't no lie.
So just don't be scared and put a smile on your face,
'cause together we'll make the world a better place.

Written by Cowboyke

My heart broken 4 da second time

 I know there will come a day

When you will call me

And when you will say

That your wife is pregnant

So you will have a son

Or a beautiful baby girl

Who will brings you so much fun

And your wife

She’s o so sweet

You really love her now

She’s what you need

And she’s so fine

And when you will say those words

You will break my heart 

For the second time

Written by Jasmina


know what I’ve been missing

All the time I was missing you

I know who I should be kissing 

And I know you know that too 

Written by Jasmina

Left by my homegirl

I'm left by my homegirl

She’s now out off my world

I was always there

But when my life was a nightmare

And when I was crying

She had left me alone

She left me


Written by Jasmina

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