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Love hurts

Life has no meaning for me anymore...
'cause it was you where I lived for...
I don't ever want to fall in love again...
'cause it can hurt so much,  damn...
the only way for me to leave this all behind...
is to see you just one more time...
you have probably already forgotten about me...
but I haven't about you can't you see?...
why didn't it last long?...
why are you already gone?...
I can't bare to see people in love...
it makes me wanna scream and throw with stuff...
why are they happy and not I?...
please tell me,  why o why?...
I did all kind of things with you...
don't tell me it was a lie that you liked it to...
I don't regret the things that I did...
I'm a young woman not a little kid...
helpless and powerless am I floating in this live...
just hoping that some day I will be somebody's wife...
I will always dream about it that it will be you...
but I know it will never be true...
that's why I feel so much sadness...
and that's why my life is such a mess...
I don't want to be me any longer...
I am weak and I'm not getting stronger...

Written by Corina

I'm waiting

I'm waiting for you to talk to me
I'm waiting for you to see...
The deep look of my eyes
Because I'm sick of all the lies
I don't hate you, I just love you
So don't understand me wrong
I'm waiting already so long
For you to hold me tight
But I'm still not in your sight
So I just wait

Written by Leonie Tavenier

Too late

I didn't realized what I've done to him.
I thought he was just being an asshole.
This time I had it wrong.
He is the one with big problems, not me.

He explained why he wasn't happy.
I listened to his story.
He told me crying that he can't live anymore.
And I never felt so guilty before.

Today is the day that changed my thoughts about him.
But the problem hasn't come to a rest.
The taxes keep on going.
It won't take long anymore, or he has to leave his house.

I feel so fucking guilty!!!
What the hell have I done..?
Now he must live on the streets.
And I feel like it's my fucking own fault.

Wish I could do something.
Wish I could help him.
But I'm only fucking 15!
I can't do shit. it's too late.

I wish you the best of good luck, father.
I truly regret of all the things I said to you.
Wish I could do something for you, but I can't.
I wish you the best of good luck.

Your son.

Written by Dark_Dragon

My child

when I look at you
I see a part of me
hopefully it's my good side
because my depression is impossible to hide

I love with from the bottom of my heart
my only child
you bring me joy when I'm down
like no one ever could before

my feelings for you are so strong
but the outside world they
don't know
there are times I feel so down
I don't find the strength to carry on

when I can't take care of you
it makes me mad
why don't I have to force to
do it right

people talk about me
being a bad mom
and so on

but they don't know how I feel
how they make me cry
outside as well as inside

how can anyone be so bad

Written by Div

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