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Such a long time ago we where together
I moved on and let you go
All that happened suddenly didn't matter
Though at that time I loved you so

Since I'm back things have changed a lot
You got a new life and found new love
I'm no longer all you got
And I'm happy for you, though it's tough

Sometimes I think what if then.
But I already know it's no use
I do still miss the times when.
But I don't want to think about the past, I refuse

I was so sure of myself I left it all behind
I was so sure I let go
So what are you still doing in my mind?
Sometimes I don't know anymore

How come I wonder if you still love me?
I should be over you
How come I'm jealous of your lady?
Why do I hope you think of me too?

It's been a year ago since I went away
Maybe I just miss the past
There is still so much to say
But it's too late and time went too fast

And I have to accept the fact that it's not the same anymore
But I have trouble thinking like that
And I have to accept that it's not like before
But the past is so hard to forget

Weird thing is I don't want you back, too much pain in the past
Though I miss you, I miss us forever
Weird thing is I can't love u anymore I gave you all my best
But you won't go from my heart, never

Written by Unknown


Remember everything like it was yesterday
I know that we had a really great time
although its all over, I'm glad that I can say
I had the chance to know you well,
I have to write this rime
to remind myself, sometimes
how it used to be,
how great it was
together, you and me.   

Written by Dickie

Girl in the mirror

I see a girl in the mirror she is crying and think who she really is
But then she sees her past and think how it could be like this
Now she wants to make her life different then her past
Her past is what she wants to forget, real fast
She thinks that she is hurting other people because she run from home
Now she is al alone and wants to tell everybody how she feel
But she cant because she sees a girl , a girl she never want to be
There is a way to change your future girl, you have to accept that your past is gone
You're future is important  and don't forget you're not alone
Your friends wants to help you because they care about you
And all the things they have said you know its true
This girl I tell about, the troubles she had, this girl is me
I pray for a happy ending and I know I'm gonna make it on my own
Without somebody to tell me that I'm doing everything wrong like home
I see a girl in the mirror she is happy and now that she have friends where she can count on
Now her life will be different from now on.
So ill take a smile on my face and see that the world is a better place.

Written by Nones

Aan de liefde van mijn leven

Maybe I'm weak, maybe I'm strong.
But what's the meaning when you ain't coming home?
So I go inside and close this door, and as so many times before.
I'm so confused and don't know what to do.
I've tried to hold on to what we've had and go on.
All the time I've to deny, this pain I feel inside.
If only I could, I would.
Beg you to stay, down on my knees, bleeding screaming
" Please, don't go away..."

Written by Hope

I still love you

When I look back on our days,
I look and see your face.
Your tender touch I won't forget.

I can't Leave It all behind,
memories are crossing my mind,
you where my sunshine thought the rain.
You where my smile thought my pain.
With you bad things feel tight,
that's one of a billion reasons why
I want you by my side.

Written by Tamara


I wish I was strong like I used to be
Before hurt and pain weakened me
Then this wouldn't hurt so much
All I need is your gentle touch...
You know who you are and what I mean
You know that you are... a part of my dream..

Written by Vergeetmynietje

Never trust

Never trust a smiling face
Because it is not what you think it is

The face can smile
But the soul can cry

So never trust a smiling face
Because it is not what you think
you see.

Written by Sylvia

Forever written in my mind

So many times..
I see you smile.
I see you cry.

That sweet smile.
I can not forget that smile.

Hear you laugh..
See you smile..
Hear you cry..

The noises and that smile..
For ever written in my mind, heart and soul..

I can not forget you.
I can not stop thinking of you.

Written by Sylvia

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