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Losing you

Sitting here alone thinking it through,
Trying to convince myself that I'm not losing you,
Why can't you just forget the things I've said?
I was angry at the time but now I've cleared my head!
It was so strong! Where did it all go wrong?

So tell me why! I'm swimmin' against the tide,
And I'm praying for a life-line, 'cause I'm, losing you,
So tell me why! You don't care enough to try,
Are you giving up this fight?, I can't stand, won't stand, losing you.

You don't have to say a word, It's in your eyes,
What can I do to convince you, we need more time?
And I know I may have made a few mistakes,
But losing you is just too much for me to take.
It was so strong, where did it all go wrong?

Tell me why, I won't stand losing you,
I'm praying for a life-line, 'cause I'm losing you,
Won't stand losing you!
You don't care enough to try, won't stand losing you,
What can I do? won't stand losing you!

(oorspronkelijke songtekst van een niet nader bekende band)

Sent by Myrna


It doesn't matter how hard I try, to keep you inside
Every single time you arrive, it's again because of the lies
When I'm in pain, I don't want to cry, and when I start that fight
You versus I, I realize I'm floating, so I've got to blink my eye
Its okay to loose, Its oke to let it out, no reasons left to deny
How dispirit the situation is, there will come a time that you'll get by
Once the first drop slides against your nose just remember, its all right
I feel them growing in my eyes now, but I know there'll come dry nights

Written by Carmela

Wanted to ask

I wanted to ask you something
Something you didn't expect
but now I see
You asked the exact same thing
the exact same thing
You have ask to some one else

Written by Yael

I'm the black sheap

Black is in me
That's why I'm feeling cold
Only black days a head of me
And it's all my fault

Black is the coller I'm feeling
That's why I need some healing
Black is all that I see
But there's nobody who'll set me free

Black is where I learn to lif with
That's why sometimes people don't understand it
Black is where I get my second change
I can feel it he's taking over with his hands

It's to late now, I'm his to keep
That's why 'I'm the black sheap'

Written by Shorty

The only way

I don't need you attention
Don't need it to stay alive
All I need right now is Myself
Me and my f*ucking knife

So shut up and leave me
Please, just go away
I don't need all this bullshit
Maybe another day

You can't help me now
I have to do this on my own
Go listen to your own shit
I beg you, just leave me alone!

Give me a moment for myself
I need to safe my life
It will all be okay
Don't worry about that knife

Won't kill myself this evening
Just some scratches which I need
I know you won't understand
But on the inside I allready bleed

You've allready accepted my wounded inside
So please accept the outside too
I know it isn't a great solution
But it's the best thing I can do

The injury I'll cause
Won't be as bad as the ones inside
But you won't see them
They're much easier to hide

Someday, I won't need it
By knowing other ways to express
But for now I need it
It's the only way to control this painfull mess!

Written by A.L.S.


Broken glass
Keeping my head up
A cut in my puls
Staying alive

I don't feel any pain..
I do it once more

Beautiful pain is inside me now
I can feel it
It's streaming very slow
It's begin to less

Pain is over..

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**

Forgive me

I still love you
I don't know why I hurt you.
I think to feel so much better than you.
I'm a CuntPsychoBitch that lives in her own FantasyWorld.
But please look at me the way you did before.
I'll never hurt you again.

Written by *Dramaqueen*

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