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You were always there for me,
You held the key,
To my heart,
But somebody turned the card,
You somehow got lost in your tracks,
And you forgot the facts,
You were somehow not there anymore,
You walked out the door,
I couldn't see you and I felt so alone,
From that day on you were gone,
And I swear I don't know what went wrong,
But I'm missing you from that day on,
I cannot live without you,
Don't know what to do,
Everyday that passes by,
I cry,
Every tear that falls down here,
Is a memory of you wishing you could hear,
Me crying out for your love,
'Cause there's just nothing above,
I love you so much,
And I know you love me still, 'cause,
I feel you in my heart still,
Only if you would come back I could find the will,
To carry on again, I would be so glad,
If I would see you again, without you everything feels so bad,
My heart is bruised and broken,
A kind of loneliness has stroke,
And I can't breath without you,
And I can't see without you,
Every night you're on my mind,
By candlelight I pray for the will to fight,
Against the feeling of emptiness,
But it somehow infatuates me and I return trying to stop the crying until dust,
I can't take it anymore,
I can't sleep anymore,
I can't eat anymore,
I can't sleep anymore,
I can't dream anymore,
I can't love anyone anymore,
Only you, 'Caus you have a part of me,
Can't you see,
If you would come back to me,
How happy I would be,
I miss you, so much, I linger for you, Come back,
Somehow you are gone,
But I can still see you,
But it's just a memory,
Without you I only worry,
Why are you gone?
A part of me has left me alone,
So long I've missed you,
Why are you gone?

Written by Charley

My true life, my secrets, my feelings

I tried to tell you
You just wouldn't listen
After all we've been through
The end is now so near
I guess it had to be this way
But I don't fear
Because where I'm going I will be happy
And you will regret not talking to me
But than it's too late ... sadly
Some things happen
Just because of words
Those have been stabbing
Down in my heart
And I made this decision
Because I know that I couldn't live like that
All you said makes me so sad
It even almost makes me pray
I hope that now I'm gone
Your pain will forever stay...

Written by -Plienn-


if lips are made for kissing,
why can't I kiss you?
if arms are made for holding,
why can't I hold you?
if a voice is maid of talking,
why can't I talk to you?
why can't you see,
I really need you here with me,
why can't my life be perfect...
why don't you want to be with me?
why do I feel pain, thinking that you're never thinking about me!
why does love hurt, when it's supposed to feel good?
why isn't my life,
not like it should?
why can't you give me one chance, to prove my love?
cause I am sure, you are sent from up above!
knowing that you love me, would make me so happy!
cause now life is nothing like it's supposed to be,
days are dark, summer is cold,
gold is silver, and silver is gold...
love is hurting, pain is here...
my heart is breaking, you're not near!
you're just in my head, in my heart, in my mind...
and I will never be able to leave you behind!

Written by Chilly*E (for Quint)

Last goodbye

Day after day you make me cry.
Some days you even make me wanna die.
It isn't easy to me
to let you be who you wanna be.
It's just that I know that you can be sweet.
Really, you're the only one that I need.
The only problem is that you never let me see,
the good boy you can be.
I just don't get it!
Is this now how you want it?
Do you really wanna see me cry?
Do you really want a last goodbye?

Sent by Poezewoefke


all the things you do,
make me so crazy about you
all the things you say,
make me feel butterflies the hole day.
I can't help it, even when I'm want help it so bad
why are you do that?
why do you make me believe you love me
another day you hate me
why are you do this?
look at me like I am an angel
look at me like I am slut,
a fool
you think you're not so cool
when you say that you really want
be with me
for eternity
is it true? when it is,
say it, scream it, kiss me like you do in my dreams, hug me like I love,
fly with me to the heavens above.
but is it not the true..

Written by Miss Lamey

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