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A place alone
Where I can be happy
It's just a dream
I try to reach it every day
But every time I have just some hope
It's taken away
By the things you say
Every day
My sorrow grows again
And my feelings come back
I try not to cry
But then my tears start coming
Rolling slowly down my cheeks
Falling in the darkness
The coldness
of my fears
With frozen thoughts
Left behind
From this life without sense

Written by *Angel of Pain*


Everytime I think about you
I still feel the hurt
You've caused me when you told me
That you'd love me too much
When we'd be together any longer
That you was afraid to be left behind
So you left me first
I still think about you every day
I still miss your lovin', your thuggin'
Knowing that loving you will never stop
My first love
And still my only love
It hurts to know you're in so much trouble
I want to help you
Because I still love you
After two years I still want you back
I'll always love you
For the first love of one's life
Gets a piece of her soul

Written by Rieke


I can't see the way she say goodbye..
I can't see when he laugh.. shy..
I can't see if they kiss..
Then I feel what I miss

Because we've kissed, en he was mine
And I have to say Im fine
Cause the boy is my ex...
and he's having sex..
with my friend..

and that kills me

Written by Lily


a little lake so beautiful
so deep as you can see
water so bright
life was great
I was a child

never did I knew my water would float
to rivers so poisoned
I could hardly breathe

little by little I cam by the sea
my lake was far away
a beautiful thought
in the deep black sea

sometimes when I look very good
I can almost see the sun,
even touch here for a while

but than I fall back
to where trouble began
the bottom yet in sight

Written by Div


I'm so afraid
of everything
not sure of myself
it seems impossible to breathe
my heart is beating way to fast
and my body is shivering

it's starting all over again
fear is killing me slowly
fear from the past and the future

my mind seems unable to think clearly
how long can I face this?

I'm tired
don't wanna face this again

Written by Div

Say my name

"Say my name so often
please don't say it with a tear
but say it with such pride and joy,
for Mum and Dad, I'm near.

I know the love you gave to me
More than words can say,
So I'm going to ask for one more thing
that you're to do for me each day.

Take all the love and joy and care,
So much you gave to me
Please turn it right 'round in your hearts
so that it can be,
A special gift of life and love
That especially comes from me"

Written by ~Sweet Elf Girl~

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