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Words of pain

I'm overwhelmed by one thing,
a thing you don't wish to anybody.
This thing is called pain,
and it's caused by a few words.
I'm angry and destroyed from the inside,
caused because of a fucking comment.
I feel devastated,
all I can think of is pain and hate.
Does this ends good,
or will it all be over.
This depends on something,
a hell of a good excuse.
Just remind this,
don't fuck with me.

Written by Black Coffin

A fool

I'm sitting all alone in my room and once again I'm thinking of my life
My past is passing me by
See a lot of pain, a lot of tears
That's how I remember it
There were a lot of days that I could only cry
My hope was faded away
I wanted to say goodbye to everything
Now I'm laughing and feeling fine
Sometimes I still cry, inside and outside
But that's different then in the past
I wanted to say goodbye to everything
Damn, what was I a fool
Cause if I really said goodbye I had never felt this lovely feeling deep inside
It's a great feeling, called love
And I'm so thankful for finding my love
It's making me stronger day after day
There was a time that I wanted to say goodbye,
Now I want to live!

Written by Lovelygirl


People survive wars. People survive disasters. People survive pain. People survive sadness. People survive hurt. People survive people. So why wouldn't I, one of the people, survive this?

Written by Me

Infinite Sadness

a ray of light
of the golden red sun
breaks the cold and bitter night
I repeat
the unspoken words
that were not meant to be
drowning myself
in infinite sadness
and melancholy
the words,
written on a line
that you will be mine
and intense will be Love
that rises above
as a ray of light
breaks the bitter night

Written by Rogue

Right or Wrong

You just walk in my life
and it hurts so bad
I don't know if it's wrong or right
but it makes me feel so sad.
I wish i could be with you
hold you real tight.
Never let go of you
i know that would be right...

Written by Debstep

Why ?

You said you loved me,
But you were going to break my heart,
You said you would love me forever,
So why are we apart?
If you really ment forever,
Than say you will try,
Cause you once said forever,
And that made me cry....

Written by XunCha GuL

A broken heart

I really love you,
but you love someone else.
When I see you,
I can't close my eyes.
I just want you to say how much you care about me.
But you love someone else.
I just want to hear "I love you" out of your mouth.
I hear it in my mind,
It's just like a sound.
But it's just a dream,
Because you love someone else...

Written by Cupidootje


I can’t talk to you anymore

I need to say goodbye

I need to walk out that door

And all I can do is cry

I thought that we would married

And that we would start our own family

That I was the one you needed

But last night you told me

You will marry her

And not me…

Written by Jasmina


You said you’re in love

With another one

And now you’re gone

You’re out off my life

Not longer by my side

And all I think is SHIT 

Why happened it

I’ve always treated you right

I was always by your side

I loved you endlessly

But you wasn’t here with me

You were with here

And you told me al those lies

So right now, I need to say goodbye…

Written by Jasmina

A lie

A lie
If it's wrong,
You say it's right,
If something's gone,
You say it likes to hide,

If the world changes,
You act like you're still the same,
If there are no angels,
You say that we are not to blame,

If I murder,
You say that he just died,
If hell doesn't exist,
Then heaven is a lie...
If we kissed,
Then I know what you say is a lie.

Written by Charley

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