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I can't live without you,
because you make me laugh,
because you can cheer me up when I'm sad,
because you...
you are my friend

Sent by Heartbreaker


Our friendship is special
so sweet and so true
If ever you need me
I'll be right there for you
I've searched high and low
and never could find
a friendship as sweet
as is Yours and Mine
So, here's a big hug
and a little kiss, too
thank you, my friend
for just being you!

Written by Lottigirl


friendship you can keep is a beautiful friendship!
and I know it
you're my best friend and I won't leave you till my death
now you see, you are a very good friend of me and that friend that you are is nice, helpful and always happy...
That's my FRIEND!

Written by Vanz

Friends or not ?

If your my friend and you read this:
Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once but I forgot.
Tell me now and tell me true,
so I can say I'm here for you!
Of all the friends I ever met,
you're the one I wont forget!!!.
And if I die before you do
I'll go the heaven and wait for you!
I'll give the angels back their wings...
and risk the loss of everything.
Just to prove my friendship is true...
to have a friend like you!

Sent by Diamond Girl


you are my angel
you are my friend
you are my love
you are my world

you are everything I got !!
and if you go away I'm coming with you

Sent by Sarahke


Some say it...
Some think it...
Some know it...
But I mean it...
You are sweet.
=love ya=

Sent by Heartbreaker

friendship is like a glass,
once it's broken it's hard to repair...

by Vanz


sometimes I feel lonely
and sometimes I feel sad
sometimes I am crazy
and sometimes I'm just myself

but most of the time I'm with you and then I don't feel lonely and I don't fell sad and I'm not crazy and then I'm also not myself

so my life become beautiful
just together
and everything is all right

Written by Vanz


Hugging makes me happy
So I hug when I feel blue
Today I hugged my teddy bear
And my little brother too

I'd like to hug an elephant
And maybe a kangaroo
But of all the hugs I want to give
My best hugs are for you!!!

Written by Maltie

Friends forever

A friendship was meant to always last,
Not something that would end fast.
You for me, and me for you,
When times get rough...we'd help each other through.

We confide in each other,
Not dare tell another.
Parent trouble, boys, you name it...we'll say it!

No subject's too small to be discussed,
And spreading gossip is a must!

When you're feeling down and out,
There's no need to pout.
Just call on me, and there's where I'll be...
Waiting and listening to every word being said, why?
Well, because I'm your friend!

Written by Audrey

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