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The birds fly away

The birds fly away,
It's winter,
It's so cold and you didn't stay,
But I was the one who sent you away,

But you know why I did that,
You hurted me with your Fists,
I can't let you come back, even if I want you so bad,
I don't wanna return to where we were,

Mi amigo, my everything, mi amor, my treasure,
How could you do what you did,
Don't think that now I'm with him and he's also with her,
You could have me back cuz it's just not goin' down like that,

You deserted me, I was an obsession for you,
If you thought I lied to you, you would punch the truth out of me,
And still I loved you, so true,
I still do, don't ask me why, because I don't know,

Cause whenever we laugh, we kissed,
And whenever we kissed, we'd make love,
But poor boy, you were obsessed with me, never go away from me, I wished,
So good was your love, you were so intimate,                                                   
Baby, your Fists aint gonna help your obsession,
If you wanted to kill me, 
You were goin' the right way,
You know what love is, it's passion,

Not pain, pain comes last in the row,
Ask me if I wanted to cry, I will say no,
It's over with the lust, the obsession, the pain,
From that day on it would only rain,

You had passion but you mixed it with lust, pain and obsession,
And now I'm no longer in your possession,
Love does have lust,
But love also haves trust,

I couldn't trust you with your violence,
But I won't deny that you still have a chance...  

Written by Charley

Broken promise

Friendship Forever That's what we used to say.
The friendship is over now and the promise away.
But I hope in the future we will meet again
And that you'll be again my friend!

Sent by Sweet Angel

Good Friends

Good friends are hard to find
Good friends are easy to love
Good friends are presents that
last forever and that feels
like gifts from above
Good friends are hard to find
Good friends are easy to adore
And you have been such
a good friend to me
that I could ask for nothing more

Sent by Unknown

The birds fly away

I recognize you,
You are the flower boy,
I used to buy flowers in your shop,
Every Monday, I would come in with much joy,

We felt it both,
I'm sure,
The loving feeling we felt for each other,
It's pure,

Please don't remind me,
Dear friend,
That I was already with someone,
He gave me a kiss, and then went,

I love sweet things, darling,
And you're like sugar and cream,
Just a little shy,
But so sexy and sweet you actually seem,

I hope you still feel something for me,
'Cause I really do,
I finally found the one in my life,
And it's of course you,

Remember the day I giggling told you I had a dream about you,
We laughed about it,
But it's true, and you thought it didn't mean much to me,
But it did,

How come, flower boy,
People come everyday in and out your shop,
And they have a chat with you,
But I was one of those people and I found myself on your top,

Oh, how I want you to be there for me,
Every time I turn around,
I wanna feel your arms around me,
The rest of the world for me doesn't count,

You are the world,
I've always felt that I was bound with our love,
But I was so stupid to think,
That our love was to tough,

It's not really my style,
But I want you forever,
I wanna show you what our love is worth,
Leave me never,

I've heard a word about the world,
But now I want you to hear a word,
Come with me to a place where we can dream,
Forget your worries, then you will be cured,

Thank you, you won't have a clue, but you always made me smile, you never made me blue,
 All there will be in the end is true love, the world doesn't have to be so ruff...

Written by Charley

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