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Words of pain

I'm overwhelmed by one thing,
a thing you don't wish to anybody.
This thing is called pain,
and it's caused by a few words.
I'm angry and destroyed from the inside,
caused because of a fucking comment.
I feel devastated,
all I can think of is pain and hate.
Does this ends good,
or will it all be over.
This depends on something,
a hell of a good excuse.
Just remind this,
don't fuck with me.

Written by Black Coffin

A fool

I'm sitting all alone in my room and once again I'm thinking of my life
My past is passing me by
See a lot of pain, a lot of tears
That's how I remember it
There were a lot of days that I could only cry
My hope was faded away
I wanted to say goodbye to everything
Now I'm laughing and feeling fine
Sometimes I still cry, inside and outside
But that's different then in the past
I wanted to say goodbye to everything
Damn, what was I a fool
Cause if I really said goodbye I had never felt this lovely feeling deep inside
It's a great feeling, called love
And I'm so thankful for finding my love
It's making me stronger day after day
There was a time that I wanted to say goodbye,
Now I want to live!

Written by Lovelygirl


People survive wars. People survive disasters. People survive pain. People survive sadness. People survive hurt. People survive people. So why wouldn't I, one of the people, survive this?

Written by Me

Infinite Sadness

a ray of light
of the golden red sun
breaks the cold and bitter night
I repeat
the unspoken words
that were not meant to be
drowning myself
in infinite sadness
and melancholy
the words,
written on a line
that you will be mine
and intense will be Love
that rises above
as a ray of light
breaks the bitter night

Written by Rogue

Unanswered love

Loneliness is tearing me apart.
How can I find a way to your heart?
I want your body close to mine.
Now, tomorrow and 'till the end of time.
Let me surround you with all my love.
It's all I have been thinking of.
I want you in my life.
But if I lose you, it will cut me like a knife.
I don't want to play a role.
I just want to give you my soul.

Written by Cowboyke

My love

I saw you walking in the street
I talked to you because you are so cute
I needed you , you are so special
I loved you because I thought you loved me!!
Now I hate you , because I saw you walking in the street with an another girl!!

Written by Chihuahua

Have no fear, I'm near

When you feel all alone inside your heart,
don't be scared to fall apart.
Think of precious times when you have no fear,
in these moments I'll be always near.
Even though not physically,
sure I'll be there for you mentally.
Like a guardian angel following you,
I wanna protect you in anything you do.
As time flies by I'll always be around,
even when you're nowhere to be found.
Deep in your soul there's no dying light,
but a strong being prepared to fight.
Think of me when you feel so blue,
'cause then I'd run to you.
Wanting to hug you and give you all of me,
that's what I'm gonna do if that's supposed to be.
No need to say 'I love you' anymore,
that's something you already know from before.
Only when we die there'll be our goodbye,
and if you know me, you know that ain't no lie.
So just don't be scared and put a smile on your face,
'cause together we'll make the world a better place.

Written by Cowboyke

Losing you

Sitting here alone thinking it through,
Trying to convince myself that I'm not losing you,
Why can't you just forget the things I've said?
I was angry at the time but now I've cleared my head!
It was so strong! Where did it all go wrong?

So tell me why! I'm swimmin' against the tide,
And I'm praying for a life-line, 'cause I'm, losing you,
So tell me why! You don't care enough to try,
Are you giving up this fight?, I can't stand, won't stand, losing you.

You don't have to say a word, It's in your eyes,
What can I do to convince you, we need more time?
And I know I may have made a few mistakes,
But losing you is just too much for me to take.
It was so strong, where did it all go wrong?

Tell me why, I won't stand losing you,
I'm praying for a life-line, 'cause I'm losing you,
Won't stand losing you!
You don't care enough to try, won't stand losing you,
What can I do? won't stand losing you!

(oorspronkelijke songtekst van een niet nader bekende band)

Sent by Myrna


It doesn't matter how hard I try, to keep you inside
Every single time you arrive, it's again because of the lies
When I'm in pain, I don't want to cry, and when I start that fight
You versus I, I realize I'm floating, so I've got to blink my eye
Its okay to loose, Its oke to let it out, no reasons left to deny
How dispirit the situation is, there will come a time that you'll get by
Once the first drop slides against your nose just remember, its all right
I feel them growing in my eyes now, but I know there'll come dry nights

Written by Carmela

Wanted to ask

I wanted to ask you something
Something you didn't expect
but now I see
You asked the exact same thing
the exact same thing
You have ask to some one else

Written by Yael


Take me away,
I don't want to see another day
Take me into the screaming silence of Hell.
Give me rest, let me heal
Don't want to be a part of this spinning wheel.
Go away and never come back.
You killed me with your broken promise
You slowly broke my neck

Written by Nathalie Rozenveld

Lonely soul

He has never seen the sun for real,
just a reflection of its beauty.
Just a wink of an eye,
but never the love he is needing so hard.
The pain, the anger,
they all fill space in his mind,
but empty the heart, bit by bit.
Every day he hopes and prays,
every day the gaps get bigger,
every day more lonely,
every day more hidden,
every day a piece of him died,
until his heart was empty and his head fully loaded,
that was the day he couldn't die no more...
and yet... he keeps on livin'

Written by I.M.


Things will never be the same
I'm lost in your eyes, and caught by your name...
My memories are black, as a cold and lonesome night
And my soul is lost in a never-ending fight
There's a chill in my bones, it's keeping me close...
close to your dreams as mad as it seems

Ben ik te jong om deze pijn te voelen, is hij te oud om mijn liefde te koelen
Ooit zal ik lachen om de wereld om mij heen, maar op dit moment sta ik radeloos alleen

Make up something really clever, show me ten ways to hate your name forever...
Cause I'm acting like a complete fool, always having my heart set on you...
Please change these horrible rules...
or otherwise I'll keep chaising the soles of you shoes..

Ooit raak ik dit gevoel kwijt,

Written by Judith


Boy please listen to the things I gotta say...
you know I love you in every way
you know I wanna be with you so bad,
but why is it that when I'm with you I'm always sad?
I know I'm supposed to be strong
how can I...
if you say that everything I do is wrong?
why don't you trust me?...
why can't you see
boy, without you I can't be
baby if it's gonna be like this
I can't go on
so if you keep treating me this way
I'm gone...
I just wanna say with this words
the way you treat me HURTS...!!!

Written by Dutske

Painful Goodbye

Hush now, don't say a word
Unspoken thoughts, I've already heard
Time has passed and the distance is great
We can't recover tracks it's too late
Our love will forever be bonded in time
In a beautiful child, both yours and mine
Who could of known just how it would end
I still love you and will miss you my friend
This pain is great and hard to hide...
Yet through all the memories, I'll say Goodbye.

Written by Audrey


I ponder my thoughts, here as I sit
Basking in the sun, here on the deck
My thoughts drift in and out like the tides
Playing out memories throughout my life
Like a movie, I see them so clear
Despite the dust added over the years
I have felt sunshine, I have felt rain
Conquered storms, yet the scars remain
I have lost Loved ones along the way
Though, I carry them in my heart everyday
Wounds were healed by a lover's touch
Wonderful man in my life, how I love him so much
Precious moments remembered carrying my son
A new part of life has just begun
What the future holds, I do not know
I embrace this life wherever it goes

Written by Audrey


Sittin' crying a river
Sleepless night feelin' sick
Because I can' stop thinking how he mistreated me
I don't believe you left us like this
One fight none risks
Just leaving
I'm tired of my heart
Being broken
I'm tired of these tears
Falling down my face
I'm tired of this love
Being taken
For granted
why did you go away?
There's one thing I must ask of you
one thing
I gotta ask of you
why you took your love away?
I'm tired of my heart
Being broken
I'm tired of these tears
Falling down my face
I'm tired of this love
Being taken
For granted
why did you go away?

Written by Sjanna

Miss you

miss you like a flower in the morning
miss you like the rising sun
miss you like the beautiful moon
miss you like the bright stars up in the sky
miss you like a beautiful bird high up in the sky
miss you much
miss you as if you were my own child close to my hart...
miss you my darling

Written by Usha Schuit

A poem to you

I wish I wouldn`t have this pain,
I say those words in the rain,
Those last words that you told me then,
Those last words before I run,
You shouldn`t have said that you were gonna leave my side,
Cause when I went out to play, I`d never expected to hide,
She, with her beauty, she could have who she wanted,
My house has become, instead of what it was with you, hunted.
I am afraid to come out cause voices keep telling me to stay and wait for you,
The spirit that I had, has become a shadow of fear what I am to do,
A poem to you is all I offer,
A dream is what I give,
It will never be real,
But without this I can not live...

Written by Charley


Such a long time ago we where together
I moved on and let you go
All that happened suddenly didn't matter
Though at that time I loved you so

Since I'm back things have changed a lot
You got a new life and found new love
I'm no longer all you got
And I'm happy for you, though it's tough

Sometimes I think what if then.
But I already know it's no use
I do still miss the times when.
But I don't want to think about the past, I refuse

I was so sure of myself I left it all behind
I was so sure I let go
So what are you still doing in my mind?
Sometimes I don't know anymore

How come I wonder if you still love me?
I should be over you
How come I'm jealous of your lady?
Why do I hope you think of me too?

It's been a year ago since I went away
Maybe I just miss the past
There is still so much to say
But it's too late and time went too fast

And I have to accept the fact that it's not the same anymore
But I have trouble thinking like that
And I have to accept that it's not like before
But the past is so hard to forget

Weird thing is I don't want you back, too much pain in the past
Though I miss you, I miss us forever
Weird thing is I can't love u anymore I gave you all my best
But you won't go from my heart, never

Written by Unknown


Remember everything like it was yesterday
I know that we had a really great time
although its all over, I'm glad that I can say
I had the chance to know you well,
I have to write this rime
to remind myself, sometimes
how it used to be,
how great it was
together, you and me.   

Written by Dickie

Girl in the mirror

I see a girl in the mirror she is crying and think who she really is
But then she sees her past and think how it could be like this
Now she wants to make her life different then her past
Her past is what she wants to forget, real fast
She thinks that she is hurting other people because she run from home
Now she is al alone and wants to tell everybody how she feel
But she cant because she sees a girl , a girl she never want to be
There is a way to change your future girl, you have to accept that your past is gone
You're future is important  and don't forget you're not alone
Your friends wants to help you because they care about you
And all the things they have said you know its true
This girl I tell about, the troubles she had, this girl is me
I pray for a happy ending and I know I'm gonna make it on my own
Without somebody to tell me that I'm doing everything wrong like home
I see a girl in the mirror she is happy and now that she have friends where she can count on
Now her life will be different from now on.
So ill take a smile on my face and see that the world is a better place.

Written by Nones

What is it like ?

People tell me to laugh
Don't look sad
And not to cry
But I don't know what it's like
To be so happy, oh so happy

I really do like to cry
I keep falling down
I want to die
But people keep telling me NO
You cant go, we won't let you
They won't let me

People tell me to laugh
Don't look sad
And not to cry
But they don't know what it's like
To be just like me, so unhappy

Written by Mayheart

My dry tears

Tears again
Tears full of pain
I've lost my way
Thoughts running trough my head
My head keeps on spinning
My body walks but I'm not there
With the tears I have shown
I could feed a flower
But with my uncried tears
I could fill another sea
My dry tears

Written by Fee

I wanna be loved

Has the outside world
Gone crazy
Or is it really me?

I know what its like to try to fit in
And it doesn't matter how hard you try
I also know how it feels
When you fail

I know what its like to wonder in your head
Questions about life and death
To hurt the outside not to feel
The pain on the inside
And sometimes I just run and hide

People are liars when they say
It will be all right

I wonder, who thinks the way I do?
Experience the world the way I do?
They don't feel emptiness
When nothing's really missing
They don't cry without knowing why
And they don't think about death
And how many people would care
If I died

I just wanna be loved
By someone always there
Someone who understands
I just wanna be loved

Written by Maite_Kelly

Too lost in you

I don't know where to begin.
My life is so complicated.
It feels like I'm drowning...
Drowning in my own tears

All because my love
for you is just a
waste of time...
It's useless.

It's easy to love you
but impossible to forget you.
Every thought of you
brightens up my day

I thought it was easy
to win your heart.
But it remains a dream.

Every day I get up
I start a fight against
my love for you.
But I'm too weak to win...

I'm lost, lost in my own feelings.
I don't know where to go.
But trust me, I will find my way.
With or without you...

Sent by Lotje


Pain is the greatest, yet worst, thing that scar's my life.
All those suffer and hate.I can't stand it anymore...
Miseries.people dying.people get hurt.
Is this what God mend with life?
And still.there is one question spinning in my head.
Why me?
Why can't I be happy?
It seems that this question will drown in my river of pain,
deep inside my head.
A question that will never be answered.

Written by Tears_out_of_heaven

Broken heart

Quit playing games with my heart,
because slowly i'm falling apart.
Just be honest and say you don't love me,
i'm feeling so much pain, can't you see.
I love you so very much,
and I miss your kiss, your touch.
Can't you see I miss al of you,
but I have to see that we're through.
It's hard for me to believe,
but there is nog more love left to receive.
I hope some day i'll be okay,
for now I think it's better this way.

Written by Sweet Scorpio


You were always there for me,
You held the key,
To my heart,
But somebody turned the card,
You somehow got lost in your tracks,
And you forgot the facts,
You were somehow not there anymore,
You walked out the door,
I couldn't see you and I felt so alone,
From that day on you were gone,
And I swear I don't know what went wrong,
But I'm missing you from that day on,
I cannot live without you,
Don't know what to do,
Everyday that passes by,
I cry,
Every tear that falls down here,
Is a memory of you wishing you could hear,
Me crying out for your love,
'Cause there's just nothing above,
I love you so much,
And I know you love me still, 'cause,
I feel you in my heart still,
Only if you would come back I could find the will,
To carry on again, I would be so glad,
If I would see you again, without you everything feels so bad,
My heart is bruised and broken,
A kind of loneliness has stroke,
And I can't breath without you,
And I can't see without you,
Every night you're on my mind,
By candlelight I pray for the will to fight,
Against the feeling of emptiness,
But it somehow infatuates me and I return trying to stop the crying until dust,
I can't take it anymore,
I can't sleep anymore,
I can't eat anymore,
I can't sleep anymore,
I can't dream anymore,
I can't love anyone anymore,
Only you, 'Caus you have a part of me,
Can't you see,
If you would come back to me,
How happy I would be,
I miss you, so much, I linger for you, Come back,
Somehow you are gone,
But I can still see you,
But it's just a memory,
Without you I only worry,
Why are you gone?
A part of me has left me alone,
So long I've missed you,
Why are you gone?

Written by Charley

My true life, my secrets, my feelings

I tried to tell you
You just wouldn't listen
After all we've been through
The end is now so near
I guess it had to be this way
But I don't fear
Because where I'm going I will be happy
And you will regret not talking to me
But than it's too late ... sadly
Some things happen
Just because of words
Those have been stabbing
Down in my heart
And I made this decision
Because I know that I couldn't live like that
All you said makes me so sad
It even almost makes me pray
I hope that now I'm gone
Your pain will forever stay...

Written by -Plienn-


I'm so confused
I never know what you want from me
My heart is forever bruised
I feel like I can never be free

I still remember when we first met
You was so special to me
Now I feel so sad
I couldn't make you happy

But I remember all the fun we had
Every time I think about it, it makes me feel so sad
I think about your pretty face, laughing about a joke
But my pain grows more and more, when I think about how my heart broke

You said you knew how much I felt for you
But you couldn't chose for me
Our love couldn't be true
It seemed if you were happy.

Now you act so attached
You dare not to look in my eyes
I thought we matched
But I my dream dies

 But I remember all the fun we had
Every time I think about that, it makes me feel so sad
I think about your pretty face, laughing about a joke
But my pain grows more and more, when I think about how my heart broke

I cry
I cry
I cry every single night
Thinking of the fun we had
And the silence that drove us apart

In real life, I act like you don't exist
But in my dreams we're together
It's you I can't resist
But in my dreams that won't matter

But I remember all the fun we had
Every time I think about it, it makes me feel so sad
I think about your pretty face, laughing about a joke
But my pain grows more and more, when I think about how my heart broke

But I remember all the fun we had
Every time I think about it, it makes me feel so sad
I think about your pretty face, laughing about a joke
But my pain grows more and more, when I think about how my heart broke

You still make me feel so confused

Written by Unknown

I'm sorry

I'm sorry that I said: I'm sorry
but I had something about to worry..
I'm sorry I told you things wich I shouldn't tell
but I couldn't save this hell

I hope you're not angry, hope you understand
I try to hold you close, but I can't
I wish, wish you were here,
but you aren't, but in someway you're near

Sorry for telling you my deepest pain
but I feld like I was locked in a chain
Now I hate myself for telling you
all that matters and all that I knew

What I told you was a fear of me
the fear is gone since I'm with you, see
hope you don't feel teared
crying, screaming I'm so scared..

I'm alone, alone listening to the sea
the sea which I made down on my knee
I hope you don't mind if I cry
Cause I still don't understand why I told you , why

while I'm crying and writing this piece of poetry
I want you to hold me, I want you to see
how much I care, how much I love you
I want you to know I really do

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**

Why ?

You said you loved me,
But you were going to break my heart,
You said you would love me forever,
So why are we apart?
If you really ment forever,
Than say you will try,
Cause you once said forever,
And that made me cry....

Written by XunCha GuL

A broken heart

I really love you,
but you love someone else.
When I see you,
I can't close my eyes.
I just want you to say how much you care about me.
But you love someone else.
I just want to hear "I love you" out of your mouth.
I hear it in my mind,
It's just like a sound.
But it's just a dream,
Because you love someone else...

Written by Cupidootje


I can’t talk to you anymore

I need to say goodbye

I need to walk out that door

And all I can do is cry

I thought that we would married

And that we would start our own family

That I was the one you needed

But last night you told me

You will marry her

And not me…

Written by Jasmina


You said you’re in love

With another one

And now you’re gone

You’re out off my life

Not longer by my side

And all I think is SHIT 

Why happened it

I’ve always treated you right

I was always by your side

I loved you endlessly

But you wasn’t here with me

You were with here

And you told me al those lies

So right now, I need to say goodbye…

Written by Jasmina

My heart broken 4 da second time

 I know there will come a day

When you will call me

And when you will say

That your wife is pregnant

So you will have a son

Or a beautiful baby girl

Who will brings you so much fun

And your wife

She’s o so sweet

You really love her now

She’s what you need

And she’s so fine

And when you will say those words

You will break my heart 

For the second time

Written by Jasmina


know what I’ve been missing

All the time I was missing you

I know who I should be kissing 

And I know you know that too 

Written by Jasmina

Left by my homegirl

I'm left by my homegirl

She’s now out off my world

I was always there

But when my life was a nightmare

And when I was crying

She had left me alone

She left me


Written by Jasmina

For my soulmate

I hope everything's alright.
That you can keep up the fight.
You're gonna get through this bad time.
In the end everything's gonna be just fine.
Because you won't have to do this on your own.
I'm here for you, you'll never be alone.
Every minute of day and night,
I want to be your guiding light.
Remember that I love you with all my heart.
Soulmate, I never want us to part.
A big hug from me for you.
This will cheer you up, whatever you're going through.

Written by Cowboyke


Don't cry if I go
Don't be angry if you know
That I going  do something stupid
Know that I love you
Feel you not quilted for what I do
I going  just die
Pleas don't feel quilted

Written by Schorpioentje

I hate you

I hate the way you talk to me
and the way you cut your hair
I hate the way you drive my bike
I hate it when you stare
I hate your big dump combat boots
and the way you read my mind
I hate you so much it make me sick
it even makes me rime
I hate the way you always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
even worse you when you make me cry
I hate it when you not around
and the fact you didn't call
but mostly, I hate the way
I don't hate you
not even close
not even a little bit
not even at all....

Sent by Anoniempje


gone with the winter
gone with the spring
gone for tree season
gone, but soon back

I'll see you in summer
than you'll come back to me
and we'll be together for eternity

Written by Cindiiiii

My heart is crying

My heart is crying again full of tears.
Are you gonna leave me again,
after all these years.
Please hold my,
don't walk away.
Cause I just want you to say,
that I wanna love you for just one day.

Written by Moil

Too late to ask

Now I see
I'm too late
Too late to ask
I will ask it again
Someday it will happen

Written by Yael


Thinking about our good times
Slept with tears in my eyes
Wondering why

would this happen?
Slept with tears in my eyes
Thinking about our good times
and you..

Written by Yael


I wanted to be free
Free from all kind of thins
Now I'm sorry and
Never wanted to be

Written by Yael

It hurts so bad

me girl in the mask
performing my role accomplishing my task
I strive for things that are useless and vain
but deep inside I'm filled with pain

She gives me self-confidence and I wear it with pride
she protects me with shelter, a safe place to hide

wherever I go, she's always so near protecting me at all costs, she has no fear

Trying to feel what it was, like feelings you can't even remember, holding someone close, loving him tender

A long time ago, I let her in, and she became part of me like al second layer of skin.

And yet so painful but also superior to me
I'm much more than the girl I thought that I ever could be
she knows now weakness and offers no surrender, holds her values high to any offender
But what is the price for the armour I wear...

The vibe the terror and the pain is driving my so bad damn insane, I scream scream scream, nobody hears me...
Love me...

Written by L.C.

A crush on you

But I can't make you love me
Is it my life or the things I do?
Can't make you love me
I'm just a girl with a crush on you

Sent by Lian

You and me

you were there
I was here
we were friends

you're still there
and I'm still here
but I don't know what we are

Written by Svenne

Aan de liefde van mijn leven

Maybe I'm weak, maybe I'm strong.
But what's the meaning when you ain't coming home?
So I go inside and close this door, and as so many times before.
I'm so confused and don't know what to do.
I've tried to hold on to what we've had and go on.
All the time I've to deny, this pain I feel inside.
If only I could, I would.
Beg you to stay, down on my knees, bleeding screaming
" Please, don't go away..."

Written by Hope

I still love you

When I look back on our days,
I look and see your face.
Your tender touch I won't forget.

I can't Leave It all behind,
memories are crossing my mind,
you where my sunshine thought the rain.
You where my smile thought my pain.
With you bad things feel tight,
that's one of a billion reasons why
I want you by my side.

Written by Tamara


I wish I was strong like I used to be
Before hurt and pain weakened me
Then this wouldn't hurt so much
All I need is your gentle touch...
You know who you are and what I mean
You know that you are... a part of my dream..

Written by Vergeetmynietje


She came without a warning
Quietly, like a thief in the night
Her heart filled with hope and belief...
Now she's leaving
As quietly as she came
With her hope gone and shattered belief...
Soon, none will remember
She ever existed
"Forget-me-not" will be forgotten...

Written by Vergeetmynietje

Why you

Why now? Not tomorrow        
Why you? Not another
Can't believe you're gone
Can't believe you're life done
Wish to have one more day
Wish to say
I love you
I need you
Don't go away
I want you to stay
I want you here
Bud now you've got wings to fly
You my angel in the sky
Won't forget you
Won't forget how it was
Want forget you're still on our side

Written by Sjanna

Why didn't you say it

In a haze I hear you say
You want to give up everything
I listen how your words
Slowly finish into sentences
They strike me like lightning
This chillness makes me crazy
And this feeling is frightening
But your words keep running
And I feel my tears burning
What's been so safe and so secure
Falls down like a house of cards
It's like someone else
Crawls into your heart
She sneaked in
To wipe me out
And destroy my life
Why didn't you tell me before
That you didn't love me anymore

Written by Lili

It is right

Boy you are on my mind
When I wake up in the morning
You're the first I think about
In my dreams
There we meet

I know we have to stop
This thing we have started
I know...
But I don't want to hear it
I have this never ending desire
A desire to hold you once again

Don't know what it's all about
It's got me totally confused

Whenever I look in your eyes
Baby I'm lost

Never thought it would come to this
Never thought I would miss you
Wanting you got me crazy
And now you're on my mind

You're walking miles
In this head of mine
Trying to figure this out
I try to understand the situation we're in
But every time I start
I lose my mind

Boy every time I think
About the thing we've done
Baby I wonder
When we'll see each other again

I know it's wrong
Oh yes boy it is

But baby is it right that I miss you now
Just for a while...

Written by Lins


It's hard letting go,
Of something that was so good,
For so long
But maybe it's the only way
Of keeping the happiness
Of all those times together
And maybe someday we'll
Come to understand
Why it didn't last forever!

Sent by Liana


if lips are made for kissing,
why can't I kiss you?
if arms are made for holding,
why can't I hold you?
if a voice is maid of talking,
why can't I talk to you?
why can't you see,
I really need you here with me,
why can't my life be perfect...
why don't you want to be with me?
why do I feel pain, thinking that you're never thinking about me!
why does love hurt, when it's supposed to feel good?
why isn't my life,
not like it should?
why can't you give me one chance, to prove my love?
cause I am sure, you are sent from up above!
knowing that you love me, would make me so happy!
cause now life is nothing like it's supposed to be,
days are dark, summer is cold,
gold is silver, and silver is gold...
love is hurting, pain is here...
my heart is breaking, you're not near!
you're just in my head, in my heart, in my mind...
and I will never be able to leave you behind!

Written by Chilly*E (for Quint)

Last goodbye

Day after day you make me cry.
Some days you even make me wanna die.
It isn't easy to me
to let you be who you wanna be.
It's just that I know that you can be sweet.
Really, you're the only one that I need.
The only problem is that you never let me see,
the good boy you can be.
I just don't get it!
Is this now how you want it?
Do you really wanna see me cry?
Do you really want a last goodbye?

Sent by Poezewoefke


all the things you do,
make me so crazy about you
all the things you say,
make me feel butterflies the hole day.
I can't help it, even when I'm want help it so bad
why are you do that?
why do you make me believe you love me
another day you hate me
why are you do this?
look at me like I am an angel
look at me like I am slut,
a fool
you think you're not so cool
when you say that you really want
be with me
for eternity
is it true? when it is,
say it, scream it, kiss me like you do in my dreams, hug me like I love,
fly with me to the heavens above.
but is it not the true..

Written by Miss Lamey


Why is it so hard 4 you to understand,
I don't want to be with you anymore,
You gave me only your hand,
You didn't give yourself and I demand war,

You betrayed me and I am falling apart,
You said you loved me but you hated me,
You weren't longer my guard,
Being my enemy is what you wanted to be,

While I was crying the pain hurt every time again like hell,
It didn't stop, it was your way of loving someone,
How come you don't know, tears are what you sell,
Don't you understand the damage you have done,

I still love you, I don't know why,
First I was afraid to stand up and tell you how I felt,
Now I am afraid, I don't know anymore if I'm still standing high,
I shiver when I think about how you yelled,

But I still long for your touch,
And as I'm imagining,
I still love you very much,
From your love I could sing,

I think it's wrong,
Desiring a man that once wounded my body and soul,
But I've been with you 4 so long,
I don't want to speak, everyday you desperate call,

I don't understand why, you first desert me,
And then you only want to be with me, it's the,
Question why, I am so depressive and still love you,
It doesn't make sense, Oh why, why, why, why do I still want you?

Why, why, why, why, why, I keep thinking,
I realize, in your love I'm sinking.

Written by Charley

Can't go to sleep

At night, I lay cozy in my warm bed,
With my hands behind my head.
I have a wish I hope comes true, and I think it might.
To have you beside me in my bed at night.
Going to sleep I try.
I can't and know why.
Relax and imagine holding you until you are next to me, it does seem.
I fall asleep knowing I'll be with you in tonight's dream.

Written by Siva

Never trust

Never trust a smiling face
Because it is not what you think it is

The face can smile
But the soul can cry

So never trust a smiling face
Because it is not what you think
you see.

Written by Sylvia

Forever written in my mind

So many times..
I see you smile.
I see you cry.

That sweet smile.
I can not forget that smile.

Hear you laugh..
See you smile..
Hear you cry..

The noises and that smile..
For ever written in my mind, heart and soul..

I can not forget you.
I can not stop thinking of you.

Written by Sylvia


I can't see the way she say goodbye..
I can't see when he laugh.. shy..
I can't see if they kiss..
Then I feel what I miss

Because we've kissed, en he was mine
And I have to say Im fine
Cause the boy is my ex...
and he's having sex..
with my friend..

and that kills me

Written by Lily

Right or Wrong

You just walk in my life
and it hurts so bad
I don't know if it's wrong or right
but it makes me feel so sad.
I wish i could be with you
hold you real tight.
Never let go of you
i know that would be right...

Written by Debstep

A lie

A lie
If it's wrong,
You say it's right,
If something's gone,
You say it likes to hide,

If the world changes,
You act like you're still the same,
If there are no angels,
You say that we are not to blame,

If I murder,
You say that he just died,
If hell doesn't exist,
Then heaven is a lie...
If we kissed,
Then I know what you say is a lie.

Written by Charley

My salvation

Around, all around, the storm clouds gather.
the night falls as if slain by the sun, soulless are we.
It is a night of darkness, a song of ethereal pain,
wolves vent their howls. The dark one
the salvation for which you pray
flares once, then dies,
devoured by madness.
My dread grows as the angry hand of Heaven falls against my naked soul.
It wounds me, and darkly my
blood drips
to the thirsty earth.
In agony I hang my head
while Death's shadow looms over me.
Now alone, my soul falls upon darkened eyes.
I am dying here, bound to darkness:
finding my way through this hurtful agony,
heart so empty and torn.
Slender beams of moonlight enter
this darkened place as I kneel,
always in pain, always lost,
frozen here,

this darkness so betrayed,
a deathly emptiness.
This is my salvation

Written by T.A.D.

Say my name

"Say my name so often
please don't say it with a tear
but say it with such pride and joy,
for Mum and Dad, I'm near.

I know the love you gave to me
More than words can say,
So I'm going to ask for one more thing
that you're to do for me each day.

Take all the love and joy and care,
So much you gave to me
Please turn it right 'round in your hearts
so that it can be,
A special gift of life and love
That especially comes from me"

Written by ~Sweet Elf Girl~

I'm the black sheap

Black is in me
That's why I'm feeling cold
Only black days a head of me
And it's all my fault

Black is the coller I'm feeling
That's why I need some healing
Black is all that I see
But there's nobody who'll set me free

Black is where I learn to lif with
That's why sometimes people don't understand it
Black is where I get my second change
I can feel it he's taking over with his hands

It's to late now, I'm his to keep
That's why 'I'm the black sheap'

Written by Shorty

The only way

I don't need you attention
Don't need it to stay alive
All I need right now is Myself
Me and my f*ucking knife

So shut up and leave me
Please, just go away
I don't need all this bullshit
Maybe another day

You can't help me now
I have to do this on my own
Go listen to your own shit
I beg you, just leave me alone!

Give me a moment for myself
I need to safe my life
It will all be okay
Don't worry about that knife

Won't kill myself this evening
Just some scratches which I need
I know you won't understand
But on the inside I allready bleed

You've allready accepted my wounded inside
So please accept the outside too
I know it isn't a great solution
But it's the best thing I can do

The injury I'll cause
Won't be as bad as the ones inside
But you won't see them
They're much easier to hide

Someday, I won't need it
By knowing other ways to express
But for now I need it
It's the only way to control this painfull mess!

Written by A.L.S.


Broken glass
Keeping my head up
A cut in my puls
Staying alive

I don't feel any pain..
I do it once more

Beautiful pain is inside me now
I can feel it
It's streaming very slow
It's begin to less

Pain is over..

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**

Forgive me

I still love you
I don't know why I hurt you.
I think to feel so much better than you.
I'm a CuntPsychoBitch that lives in her own FantasyWorld.
But please look at me the way you did before.
I'll never hurt you again.

Written by *Dramaqueen*