Love Poems(1)





You are my sweetheart day by day. And I hope that you'll never go away. Just stay with me all my life. Until the death has been arrived

Sent by TDF

When I saw you yesterday

When I saw you yesterday
You wasn't so far away
I saw a smile
that made me die
I saw a person
with who I had fun
Today you are so far away
But I still hear the words
you whispered in my ear

Written by Angel

Now we aren't lovers anymore

 I'm glad to be best friends
but I still miss your touch
the love that you gave me
the warmth that you let me feel
when you took me in your arms
But still I am glad to have you
I am still jealous at the one that you love the most
because I want to be her
I want to be the one that you love the most
But still I never want to loose you!
Because I need you
I need to be able to talk to you
You can still let me forget my problems
I still love you!

Written by Kirstentje

It makes you fly

A love so strong that It makes you fly,
A boy so far that it makes you cry.
And his lovely smile on the pick that makes you wanna die!

Written by E.T.

I love you

I love you, why don't you love me.
I love you, why can't you see.
I love you, with all my heart.
I love you, we'll never going to be apart.
I love you, till the end of time,
and you'll always be a friend of mine!

Written by Sanne S.

The only one I've got

They say in times we do forget
for some that's maybe true
but how on earth can I forget
the good times that we know

I cannot give you riches,
a mansion or a car.
I cannot reach the heavens
to bring you down a star

But take this heart
I'll give to you,
it may not seem a lot
Please handle it with care
my love because its the only
one I've got

Written by Melissa F.F.

Like a little flame

I feel something in my heart, It's like a little flame
Every time I see you, this flame lights up, The flame is specially for you.
Because I love you

Sent by Karentje

I'm falling in love

When I first say you,†
I was scared to talk to you.
When I first talked to you,
I was scared to kiss you.
When I first kissed you,†
I was scared to love.
Now that I love you ,
I'm scared to LOSE you

Sent by Vince V. for L.


Your eyes how the look at me
Your lips how the kiss me
Your hands how the touch me
And the feeling that you gave me
It's making me crazy

Written by Veronique

I am......

I see your face when I am dreaming
That's why I wake up always......Screaming!†
I love your smile,†
I love your face....†
and I love your eyes..†

Written by Sandra R.

I know you know I love you

I know you know I love you, I know you do,
how that I know ?
because I know someone told you.
you've called me once. but that was it.
you asked why I didn't call you back.
I had a reason.
I just want you to call me without you letting me know me you're gonna call.
I want you to call me,
for no reason at all.
just to ask me how doing,
ask me how I feel today.
ask me if I'm free,
this Saturday.
I pray every night, for a call from you.
just to ask me how I'm doing, I'd really like you too.
cause I can't call you, even though I'd really like to.
I know you know I love you.
I know you do.
So do a little more about it, then you already have done.
Cause I love you so much.
I want to feel your touch.
I want to see you every second of every day.
And it's so hard for me to say,
That I love you this way.
But I know I love you,
I know you do,
I know someone told you.
I even know who.
So just let me know.
Ore let me show.
If you love me the way I do.
I really don't know,
So please let it show.
Cause I love you so.
An I will never, ever, ever, let you go.
I cant take it anymore,
I've never felt this way about someone before !
every second without you, is a second of hurt and pain.
sometimes. it makes me feel like I'm gonna go insane !
a second without you takes for ever !
I've never felt this way about someone before. no. never !
my feelings for you keep gaining every day !
the only thing that feels good is when I'm with you, you really should believe what I say !
I know you know I love you, I know you do, I just wish that you would feel about me, the way that I feel about you.
I know you like me, but I don't know if you love me, I really don't
I'd really like you to show me how you feel, so I could know where I stand right now.
I just want you to be earnest with me.
you'll see.
everything will work out.
it could be that I get hurt. it could be not.
I really hope not.
but I'll see,
just tell me how you feel, and be earnest with me.

Written by Chilly*E


If I had to choose between u and my life
I would choose my life!
You would be upset and run away
not knowing

Sent by SugarKittie178

When I die

When I die tomorrow
tell to the trees
how much I loved you.
Tell it to the wind
who climbs in the trees
and falls out the leaves,
how much I loved you

Tell it to a child
that's still young enough to understand.
Tell it to an animal,
maybe just by looking in it's eyes.
Tell it to the houses of stone,
tell it to the city,
how much I loved you.

But don't tell it to a human being
He wouldn't believe you.
He wouldn't want to believe that
only a man only a woman,
that a human loved another human
like I loved you.

Written by Mahigan Shkiizhig


When you hold me close like this
So many thoughts of memories fill
my mind
The first time we kissed
The times we nearly said good-bye
But still here we are
tested and still true
And stronger then we ever knew

Written by Lins

Someone, somewhere

Dreams of your smile
And while thinking of you
Thinks that life worthwhile
So whenever you lonely
Remember its true
Is thinking of you

Sent by Shannon

Seventh heaven

There's only one boy
I really love
I truly believe he was
sent from above
Whit his sweetness he could
lift me up to heaven
What am I saying, he could
even get me to the seventh

Sent by Shannon


It's amazing
how I can feel so lonely
and empty inside
while I'm surrounded with people

everybody's talking and laughing
except for me
I'm just sitting there
in a corner
on my own,
feeling lonely

I don't know
I don't know how long
I can last with this feeling
maybe I'm going to break tomorrow
maybe next month

but why suffer another month?
if this feeling stays
it's probably better to end my sufferings,

Written by Svenne


Never say "I love you if you really don't care,
never talk about feelings if they aren't really there.
Never hold my hand if you are going to break my heart,
never say you're going to if you really don't plan to start.
Never look into my eyes if all you do is lie,
never say forever because forever makes me cry.

Written by Elientje Plientje



I Miss her so
what am I to do?
I love her so
I Hope she does to
I'll never know
'Cause I'm too scared to ask
I want her so
It's such a difficult task
to even be in love
en feel butterflies fly
to only see the doves
scraping in the skies
to cuddle all day long
to kiss the pain goodbye
and feel your touch so strong
when I look into your eyes
If only you were here
to kiss my pain away
And to make me steer
back into the right way
and when you're back, plz say
"I'll never leave you"
so that from on that day
I'll never have to

Written by Droak

All the angels

If I die and go
to heaven
I write your name
in a golden star
so all the angels
can see how much
you mean to me!

Sent by Ellentjeuh

Hopeless, loving you

The first time I saw you,
I drawned in the beauty of your eyes.
Now I'm hopeless loving you,
It's no use waiting for a surprise.

I'm walking the clauds of love,
I already passed claud nr.9.
You're all I'm thinking of,
I really want you to be mine.

Although you are so far away,
I will keep on loving you.
I dream of a special day,
when all my dreams will come true.

I don't know what to do,
for It's a real kind of love.
I'm hopeless loving you,
you're all I'm thinking of.

Written by Sustinebam

For you

I will never be your rain
I will never be your thundercloud
for you are my sun
my rainbow in the sky
for you are the one
that is why

You are my girl
my sun, shining in the rain
my sun, shining through the clouds
all because of you
and everything for you

Like the sun so clear
and the sun so bright
That is why I'm here

Written by Jaapse

My dearest one

There are no words to express how much I truely care
So many times I fantasize of feelings we can share
My heart has neverknown the joy u bring to me
As God knew what I wanted and made u a reality
I`d die to hold u or to kiss u ore merely to see your face
My stomach quivers my body shivers and my heart increases pace
To give me money of lots of gold would be not the same to me
I prayed and watch the distant stars and finally u came to me

(Tupac Shakur)

Sent by Anna

My love

...You dont't deserve my love
..But I keep sending all of it
..You hurt me so my love
..But I keep coming back for it
..You took away your love
..But I still crave a piece of it
..So won't you give me back your love, my love
..`Cause I will keep longing for it

Sent by Sabrina

Wishing on a star

I gaze up at the sky each night
And find the brightest star
It's always waiting there for me
So close, but yet so far ...

The star winks in the evening sky
And reaches out to me
It magically appears each night
For all the world to see ..

I've wished upon this special star
My whole life through, it seems
I've closed my eyes and made my wish
Of hopes, and plans, and dreams

And then, one day I got my wish
For I finally met you
You are that someone special
Who's made all my dreams come true ..

So now whenever we're apart
I find that same bright star
It makes me feel so close to you
No matter where you are ...

Written by Sarah


It's a beautiful love that has grown between us,
Something beyond any words we discuss.
Much deeper than LOL, haha, kisses and such,
Far down to our souls, beyond human touch..

But letters and stories captured my heart,
Filled me with passion almost from the start.
Love on the Internet, how could it be?
I thought that things like this just don't happen to people like me..

Before is saw you my friends said that I might regret,
Losing my heart to a boy I've never met.
I say there is nothing I can do
I couldn't stop myself from thinking of you

After I met you,
I knew for sure my heart was right,
I want 2 share my life with you,
Every day an every night..

Now I miss you and it hurts sooo bad,
why does it feel so good?
I wish this all made sense,
I wish I understood..

Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,
but I can't stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try..

Sometimes I close my eyes, to listen to what in my heart I can hear,
"Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear."

I really miss your smile, I really miss your touch
I miss your whisper of "I love you so much"

I love & miss you more each and every day
I love you, Sweety, in each & every way

Until we are together again - hold me in your heart
I am holding you in mine - as I have from the start

Written by Marit

Don't know

I'm frightened
Scared to speak words
Scared I say the wrong things
Frightened that it hurts

Voices in my mind
They're saying it's not true
They're telling me it's wrong
I don't know if it's you

I'm not sure this is the truth
Do not know what I'm feeling
I don't know if I love you
But your words are healing

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**


Just sleep under the yellow moon.
Connected by love, not in any way to soon.
I can't describe my love in words.
You don't know how much that hurts.

You are the face, blown away forever.
In a strong way perfect, In a perfect way clever
Strong men, independence like me.
You, you, us and thee.

Frozen lips, discovering my face.
Your face against mine, light in a daze.
Look at the sky, painted by stars.
Accepting each other, don't want any scars.

Love, just one of you.
Love, it is what we make and do...
Love, just one of me.
Love, we're together, just let it be.

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**


All the colors
In the world

Can not compare

The way that
You and I share

Hold you're
head to my heart

And you will
here things as

Wild as the wind
And strong

As a storm

You melt my heart
each day more

You're kisses
are sweet and warm

like al the colors
Of the rainbow

Each day is a suprice

When I take a look
In you're eyes

My heart is like
A drum

I love you
My everlasting

Written by Venus3501

Made for each other

His naked body in her arms
She's vulnerable
But he cares for her
Their lifes are miserable
Not by this moment
He sees her pearly eyes
It's what he's dreamt of
She's somewhere else
In the clouds above
Then they leave the world behind them
And go far, far away
It doesn't bother
Just the two of them
Made for each other

Written by N.K.

Internet love

The day I met you, I found a wonderful friend, and a friendship, that I pray for it will never end.  An ocean between us, thousand of miles apart, but you managed to touch me right through the heart.

No matter where you are or where you go, you will always be someone that Iím very glad I know. I want you to know how much I love you and how much I care, I hope you know that Iíll always be there. I know itís harder being miles away 

But always remember this what I say It is love that offers harmony and a friendship that is true.  Itís really wonderful to share a Love like this with you.

Written by SH

I wish never to see....

How do you prove
the sky is blue
the ocean is wide
All I know is how I feel
When I look into your eyes
Don't ever doubt
your trust in me
I will always be their
with you everywhere
I'll give you my heart
and deeply in my soul
I wish never to see us apart

Sent by Angel

Love is like a reflection

Love is like a reflection
 a mirror of your heart
 even a hidden emotion
 shows itself for a part

Sent by Cindy

Stalk Letters

Surely you're the most sensitive of us both,
as your woman's heart is filled with love.
Maybe I exaggerate my writing and thus
I stalk you with letters and words my dove!

Boiling feelings are over my mind
Yes, I write to enlighten my soul
so that my senses never go blind
as loving you woman, is my true goal.

Written by Victor van der Daelen

Spirit Fragments

Shattered fragments dance under trees,
fly up high and tumble down the breeze.
An evening red sun, glows up at the end
and shows a twirling crowd that went.
A mosquito spirit dance it seems,
with so many changing themes.

As lavender scents touch my nose,
from purple fields, I then compose
a new song and fresh thoughts rise
and eyes see the past a vision wise.

I sing my song my love to you
my dear for you my song of love!
I touch your soul with love so sweet
as dew, like drops on leaves of trees!
I long for words from you my dear,
to read your soul on paper free.

Written by Victor van der Daelen

Said to be in a rose

All the love that history knows,
is said to be in a rose,
yet all that could be found in two,
is less than what I feel for you!

Semt by Heintje

Can't deny my feelings

I canít deny my feelings anymore 

I canít hide how I feel inside 

Youíre the one I life for 

And I canít life without you 

By my side 

I tell no one how I feel 

No one knows, youíre in my heart 

But I know our love is real 

Even weíre apart

Written by Jasmina

Your smile

Your smile was set me free 

Now youíre always on my mind 

And you also love me 


I think about you 

Day and night 

In my mind is one big scream 

So I will always see your smile 

When I am sleeping 

Or when Iím just awake

Written by Jasmina

I miss you

I loved you like a father who loves his son.
I needed you like a plant needs water.
I wanted you like a homeless person wants a house to†live in.
I loved you like I never loved someone before...
I miss you ...

Written by Jessie

You're my angel

you are my angel,
that fly's trough the night,
you are my sunshine,
my daylight,
you are my only true love for ever,
and if you would ever leave me,
I know I won't make it trough the night,
with three words,
only three words,
I want to prove my love to you,
and that three words are;

Written by Chilly*E

My everything

Just a matter of time embrace me.
You're my light in the dark.
Could you be here or could you not be.
You're my EVERYTHING...

Sent by Little Schanulekke

Full of stars

I looked up, half hoping to see the thing from my dreams.
But all I saw was a sky full of stars...

Sent by Little Schanulekke


Starlight, star bright.
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might.
Have the wish, I wish tonight.

And that is YOU...

Sent by Little Schanulekke


LOVE, when I'm in your arms,
feels like I'm melting into you.
You keep me so warm,
ooh I feel so high above.
Caught a glimpse of heaven in you eyes.
Thanks for showing me love,
you love so good!!

Sent by N-Lover

How it would be with you

The thought of you consumes me
Can't get you out of my mind easily
Maybe I'm just a girl who's needy, but
Your love's the soul food that feeds me

Every moment I imagine how it would be
To hold you in my arms so gently
And watch you go to sleep as I tenderly
Kiss you on your forehead so passionately

I want to be involved with you romantically
Carving our names in the bark of trees
My heart has been locked but somehow you hold the key
To having my heart and soul completely

Why do you think love is represented as a trinity?
It is not just the foundation of Christianity
But the building blocks of a family
Where God, man, and woman are three

It's the relationship that sets our hearts free
Now we understand the meaning of living interdependently
Because there is no you without considering me
And without God in the center, we would not be

So, now I choose to love you unequivolently
With your bad habits and destructive tendencies
Even if on the smallest of tasks we don't agree
I am committed to our personal growth as individuals fully

I'm not perfect, so if I do something you think is uncharacteristic and silly
Don't hesitate to take a moment to express your feelings to me
And if I don't listen, don't take my reaction personally
I'm just experiencing a moment of temporary insanity

Cause when it's all said and done what you are to me
Is more than words or numerical descriptions 1-4-3
If I were immortal and could live for an eternity
I would want nothing more in this world than to have you there with me

Written by Rowena

One day

If one day you want to run away
don't be afraid to call me.
I don't promise to ask you to
but I can run with you.

If one day you feel like crying...
call me.
I don't promise that I will make you
but I can cry with you

if one day you don't want to
to anyone...
call me.
I promise to be there for you.
and I promise to be very quiet.

Written by Virieke

Meaning of love

Love is a feeling we need to explore
Like we want to open a closed door

Without love around
Live can never be found

So trust your hart
Cause from there love will start

Written by Eline

Still I love you

I cannot give you riches
A mansion or a car
I cannot reach the heaven
To bring you down a star

But take this heart I give to you
It may not seem a lot
Please handle it with care, my love
'Cause it's the only one I've got

Sent by Wiccan

You're the one

Your eyes are like an ocean
they drowning me inside
filled with emotions
where I wanna hide

Looking at your face
is hypnotizing me
it takes me to a special place
a place where I wanna be

You're the one I need
the meaning of my life
it's the truth indeed
I wanna be your wife

Sent by Just me

Angel of the heart

Angel of the heart..
My heart is filled with you, I've never in my life saw an angel so wonderful and beautiful as you.
And now after I have seen you, I know angels are real and exist in this world.
I want to hold you and say so many loving words to you,
that I wanna be with you..
you're truly an angel of my heart

Sent by Marlies

Secret love

Every night I dream of your eyes.
Every night I dream of your smile.
Every night I dream of your lips kissing mine.
I know it is a dream, but I hope someday it will come true.
But till that day there is no way I can share my dream with you.

I have to be patient, I think you love me.
Because when we're together there is this amazing chemistry.
It give's me butterflies in my stomach and weakens my both knees.
Baby I'll wait forever to be with you, can you wait for me, please?

Written by Lover Nona

Different ways to love

When I think of you
There's a smile on my face
I love you
In more than two different ways
When I feel lonely
You will stand by my side
I trust you with all my heart
There's nothing left for me to hide
When I feel sad
You're the one that makes me smile
You're always there to help me
And that's what makes it all worthwhile...

Written by Shorty

Full Moon

I'm looking for something tonight,
while I'm guided by the light.
Without a goal, without a real thought,
only looking what love has brought.
The road I'm walking is long and strange,
but that is something I cannot change.
While walking around, watching the full moon,
I realise that life goes too soon.
And where I'm going I have no clue.
I only know that light is coming from you...

Written by KieWietJe

My love

You're the only one I love
From you I can never get enough
Cause you're the one I love forever
And I hope we will always stay together

I'm so glad I met you
Cause without you, I don't know what to do
I hope we will never break up
Because my love for you will never stop

Now you know that I really love you
And I hope you will love me too
I wrote this special for you
Just to say how much I love you

Sent by Marisja


Dreaming of you

Lying in my bed, thoughts in my head, visions over you but I can't get trough the night.
So pick up the phone, I know you're home, you're playing with my heart and you that it just aint right.

It's just a game of love, love, love
And even though it's hard baby, I can never give you up

Cause you're the one I'm dreaming off,
I can't live without your love, tonight
And its you that I adore,
you're the one that I live for, inside

You, you gave me love, love give us hope and strength to cary on
And you, you gave me faith, when I was falling down, you would pick me up my love.

I'll never forget you

Sent by Someone

True love

Lonely again
I didn't not lose true love
But also a great friend
Now the world is strange place to live
I can't explain how I really feel
But I don't care anymore
Thinking why is love really for
To break me down when I clime up
Sometimes does the "one" excist
Cuss now I think that is all bullshit

Written by A.K.

Heaven is with you

Raindrops fall, softly and wet
Tired though unable to sleep
I think about our precious moments
and everything I'll never forget

Tomorrow is an other day
As the unpredictable beauty
of life graciously makes her way

Finally ready to put my soul to rest..
Seeking dreams have found me
and let me close my eyes..
at last

Written by Divaliciousz

Love you my friend

I always think of you
You can't get out of my heart
I've tried so hard to do that
But you're still haunting in my thoughts
Whatever you did or said
When we have a row or not
I still love you
But the time is changing
There'll be a time
That we're not friends anymore
Than I think back
Back on you
And remember our friendship
I'll never forget that

Written by Michella J.


The stars are driving over
The wind blows them with the flow
The end and destination is paradise
And the beginning is unknown

The lighthouse illuminates the sky
And illuminates also you and me
You crawl and try to follow the stars
To make it "we" and go to "meant to be"

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**


When I close my eyes
I see your smile,
It remembers me of a time
When you kissed me while,
You hold me close
Your body against mine,
Your lips so soft
It felt so fine.

When I open my eyes
The feeling is still there,
It slowly fades away
And it comes back when you are near,
This feeling is very special
It belongs to you and me,
This is the feeling which I call love
we share it with eachother, as it should be

Written by *Spiritual* **Merel**

Single part

Passion and lightning
Fire and ice

Thunder and storm
Within you're eyes

A heart whitout
No love

Is tearing
every soal

To bleed

And walks one
to see

If there is
someone new

For his need

Till the love
Of god

Comes in his heart

And heels every
single part

Written by Venus3501

If you

If you ever leave me
Will you take
me with you
Ore will you go
Without something
to say
Then I know
For shure
The memory's
will forever
And flashes
One my mind
Will be
The memory's
Of ones
You in my

Written by Venus3501

Unbreakable love

When the night is darkest
And everyone is sleeping
I lay awake
Thinking of how I love you so
Wondering what it is about you
That makes me want, love, and need you so
Then I silently laugh at myself
Knowing this list could go on forever
Its how I have no worries
When you're with me
How when you smile
My heart skips a beat
Its how when I'm with you
Nothing else matters
It's how I can say
"I love you" without hesitation
It's the way you make me feel
So safe and at home
It's how I'm incomplete
Without you
It's the way you look at me
With a gaze so kind and sincere
It's the way you embrace me
With arms so gentle and strong
It's the way your kiss
Is so meaningful, so passionate
It's the way my world
Revolves around you
Its how when you laugh
You sound so sweet
Its how when you talk
Time stands still
Its how when I'm down
The thought of you cheers me up
Its how when you're down
I try to make you laugh
It's the way you took my heart
Which I gave willingly
It's the way I'm ready
To give up everything for you
It's how you're irresistibly sweet
In every way
It's how I would be lost
Without you
It's how I can't wait
To say "I do"
Its how id rather be with you in hell
Than be without you in heaven
It's how I could go on forever
Saying why I love you so
It's just the way I love you
With a love so true, so pure, so real

Written by Martinsangelita